President Guan delays? You must understand these matters

In international logistics transportation, a term often faces and mentioned is "the customs clearance of the destination."

Sometimes the customs clearance is completed in a day or two, and sometimes it can be extended for ten days, or even half a month. Why? In order to avoid delay in customs clearance, what do you need to pay attention to?

If you want to figure out the problem, we must first understand what the destination is the customs clearance.

1 What is the destination port clearance?

Clearance, also known as closing, refers to the procedures that should be processed in accordance with the law when import and export or transferred goods enter and leave a country. After completing the procedures such as customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release, etc., all entry obligations must be fulfilled. The goods can be released.

In short, the goods of any country enter another country must go through the customs clearance procedures in accordance with regulations, otherwise, the entry of goods that violate the regulations will be sanctioned by other countries. For countries, there are two main purpose of customs clearance: one is to see if it is legal after inspection, and the other is to impose tariffs to maintain the trade balance between the two countries.

2 What is the process of customs clearance?


Go to the freight or shipping company to change D/O. (Determine where the bill is changed according to the bill of lading. Theh B/L freight generation bill of lading M B/L ship owner's bill of lading) Electronic declaration -computer pre -records, review orders, sending, contacting customs/release with customs.

02 inspection

After the electronic declaration is released, the commodity inspection bureaus will be made to the commodity inspection bureaus with the four -union of the customs declaration. (If the goods need to be inspected)

03 On -site delivery form

Customs on -site transfer forms (if the goods need to be approved to be inspected).

04 check

Customs shall be checked according to the supervision conditions of the goods declaration of the goods. If there is a inspection, a inspection notice will be issued (if you encounter customs inspection), there will be.

05 Tax Form

The goods declaration shall be based on the customs issuance of the customs.

06 release

Customs release.

3 What are the precautions in the process of customs clearance?

If you do not want the goods to be detained by the customs of the country, it must be declared in accordance with its customs policy and requirements, including the name, quantity, weight, the value of items, and the certification documents corresponding to the special items.

The main factors affecting customs clearance are: First, the information of the goods declaration, including the value of the declaration and inconsistent declaration names, will lead to deduction; in addition, special items such as children's toys, cosmetics, medical devices, etc. goods.

4 How to solve the deduction of goods?

If the goods are deducted from customs in the destination country, you need to understand the reason for the deduction to solve it. In actual operation, the deduction order is nothing more than the incomplete declaration orders, the fewer customs declaration orders, and the irregular declaration form.

If the preparation materials are incomplete and the customs declaration forms are small, the materials are supplemented as required.

If it is a prohibited item and other prohibited goods, it can only be destroyed.

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