The US West route rose 43%during the period!

NO.1 West Westward -term freight rate rose 43% a month

The US -Line market has continued to rise for a month in a consecutive month. The largest increase in the Western shipping price in the West has reached 26.1%. Compared with the shipping price of US $ 1404/Feu and US $ 2368/Feu on July 7, within one month, Shanghai Port exported to the west and East Basic port market, which rose 43%and 27%, respectively.

According to the Shanghai Export Container Comprehensive Freight Index (SCFI) released by the Shanghai Transport Exchange, on August 4, Shanghai Port was exported to the western and East Basic port market freight (sea transport and sea transport surcharges), which were US $ 2002/ FEU and $ 3013/Feu rose 3.0%and 5.6%compared with the previous week.

NO.2 Dafei raised Asia -Europe routes again

Following the announcement of the raising of the Asian and European routes (FAK) in early July, Dafei recently announced that the route freight was raised again, and it took effect on August 15th (the delivery date of the transportation port).

At present, the sluggish freight has become the most important reason for dragging the performance of the wheel company. The liner company is trying to use the shipping cost.

Looking forward to the market in the second half of the year, Da Fei believes that macroeconomic and geopolitics are still full of uncertainty, and the shipping market is full of challenges. Global economic growth is still slow in the second half of the year. At the same time, new investment capacity increases, which may drag the freight, especially on the east -west route.

No.3 Rhine's water level drops to the lowest this year

According to CNBC, as the most important river transportation route in Europe, the Rhine is facing the problem of decline in water level. The latest data shows that the water level has fallen to the lowest level since the Rhine River section of KAUB town about 50 miles west of Frankfurt.

It is reported that the Rhein River carries most of the transportation of goods such as oil, chemicals and grains that enter Europe. However, since 2021, the decline in water level has led to the decline in freight volume year by year. Data show that from May to mid -July, the cost of transporting a ton of diesel by the Rhine to Karlsroe in southwestern Germany had doubled, reaching about 50 euros ($ 55).

For European regions that rely on the Rhine's transportation diesel, heating costs will face greater cost pressure in heating costs. In Europe, the entire economy depends on this low -cost transportation method. Therefore, a series of chain reactions brought by the reduced water level of the Rhine will have a impact on the entire European economy.

NO.4 Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge Hong Kong and Macao Cross -border Vehicle arrangements are officially implemented

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government recently announced that with the consultation and consent of the Government of Hong Kong and Macao, the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge Cross -border truck arrangement is officially implemented. For convenience.

Hong Kong trucks can receive goods from Hong Kong via the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge to the Macau port transfer station, and can also transport the goods from Macau to Hong Kong to return to Hong Kong at the same time; the Macau truck can go to Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge to Hong Kong International Airport's logistics facilities Settle the goods, and can be transported back to Macau at the same time. This arrangement will also expand the customer network of Hong Kong International Airport's logistics facilities.

No.5 Shanghai Port's first half -year import and export exceeds 5 trillion yuan

According to the Shanghai Customs, the total value of the Shanghai Port's port and exports exceeded 5 trillion yuan in the first half of this year, reaching 5.16 trillion yuan, accounting for 25.7%of the country's import and export scale to maintain the largest port status in the country.

In the first half of the year, the import and export of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone was 1.1 trillion yuan, accounting for more than half of the total value of Shanghai's foreign trade import and export, and contributed more than 80%to Shanghai's foreign trade.

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