How to save the shipping price of the shipping price, how to save the shipping freight?

In the second half of the year, global shipping is about to usher in the peak season. Recently, many ship companies have begun to adjust the freight of routes around the world. As the freight rate begins to rise, how to save costs from the transportation link in international sea transportation? This is a question that the owners are very concerned about.

For a professional freight forwarding, we must not only understand the market of the shipping market, know how to deal with the ship company, but also master the skills and methods. While ensuring the safety and efficiency of the goods, we must save the cost of transportation for the owners.

01 Scientific planning and transportation route

        Scientifically planning the transportation route of goods is very necessary. For example, at the European port, although most ship companies have the difference between basic and non -basic ports, their freight difference may be between $ 100 and $ 200. The division of this cost of different shipping companies will be different. To understand that different companies divide the situation, they can win the best preferential freight prices by choosing a transportation company.

       For another example, there are two ways: full water roads and mainland bridges on the east coastal port of the United States, and the price difference between the two may be hundreds of dollars. If you don't rush the ship, you can ask the ship company to ask the waterway method.

02 Reasonable design packaging

       Each transportation has a limitation of loading weight and maximum volume, so this must be considered when designing goods packaging. For example, after the number of cargo owners has insufficient space or insufficient space, the number of goods must be changed. For example, if the two orders are packed in one whole cabinet, or the excess number is reserved to the next shipping, the cost of saving will be considerable.

In addition, the product packaging must also be scientifically calculated before shipping. The specific method is to refer to the volume of the container and design the packaging according to the number of orders; and then design the size of the cardboard box according to the size of the box in the container to develop the best box to make the container reach an ideal state.

03 Use the appropriate transportation method to collect Hong Kong

In the Mainland, goods can choose different inland transportation methods. Generally speaking, the price of train transportation is the cheapest, but the delivery and pick -up procedures are complicated. Truck transportation is the simplest, time is fast, and the price is slightly more expensive than the train. The most expensive is the container in the factory or warehouse, which is suitable for those that should not be loaded and unloaded multiple times.

Under the premise of fully understanding the goods, scientific selection of the optimal port transportation method can save transportation costs.

  04 Reasonable processing of illustrations

        The transportation procedures for illustrations are much more complicated than the entire cabinet, and the freight is relatively mobility. There are many transportation companies in the whole cabinet, and the price will be relatively transparent in the shipping market. Of course, the illustrations of illustrations also have an open market price, but the additional costs of various transportation companies are very different, so the freight rate on the price list of the transportation company will only be part of the final charging.

(1) Use written to confirm all the items charged in writing to see if their offer is a dry price.

(2) Calculate the weight and size of the goods clearly to prevent the other party from doing hands and feet on it.

(3) You can find a company that specializes in a layout. Such a company directly assembles container. The freight and surcharges they charge are much lower than that of the middle company.

05 negotiation with the shipping company

Master the technique of bargaining with the ship company:

(1) If you are indeed a big customer, you can sign a contract with the ship company directly to apply for a preferential freight rate.

(2) Different freight prices obtained by applying for different goods names. Most ship companies charge the goods separately, and some goods can have different classification methods.

(3) If you do not rush the boat, you can choose a slow boat or non -direct ship. Of course, this must be under the premise that it does not affect it on time.

(4) The price of shipping markets often changes, and it is best to master some information about freight rates.


        For freight forwarding, in international shipping, scientific planning can indeed save costs. However, the cost of saving transportation is not to compare the shipping price, because the most important thing in cargo transportation is the safety and transportation efficiency of the goods.

For cargo owners, finding a professional freight forwarding company is the best choice. Signing a contract with a professional freight forwarding company, the price that can be obtained from the shipping company will be cheap; the second is that the long -term cooperative freight forwarding company cooperates with more tacit understanding and can generally get lower freight.

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