Matson Supreme shipping Time Report-almost pick up in 12 days, 13-day signage

As a FBA seller in the United States, you must not want your goods to wander at sea, stay in the customs, queue in the warehouse, and you don't want your goods to be lost or rejected during transportation. What you need is efficient, safe and convenient sea transportation services, so that your goods can quickly be delivered to the Amazon warehouse in the United States.

Now Shanghai Xiangcheng can provide you with a fast, accurate and stable sea transportation service -specifically targeting the US FBA seller's shipping Clippers' channels, fast, convenient and intimate delay payments, so that the Sellers of Amazon American stations are assured of Matson Supreme shipping services. Let's show you the high -quality time picture of Messen Extremely in the near future!



Let's take a look at the advantages of Matson Supreme shipping~~

Fast shipping time: For reference, the shipment will be extracted for 13 days after the ship is opened, saving 10-15 days than ordinary sea transportation, and seizing market opportunities.

Nice price: 1/3 of the air shipping price, pursue the time of air shipping (air shipping extraction reference shipping time: 5-10 days to extract for 5-10 days), the time limit of the sea shipping greatly increases the cost of freight and increases profit margins.

Guarantee: delayed extraction is compensated. For customs inspection, you can pay for compensation. For specific payment standards, please consult your exclusive logistics consultant.

DDP service: Provide DDP services to door, without the need to worry about clear customs and taxes. Make you worry -in -law.

Matson Supreme shipping is an efficient sea transportation service that allows your American FBA logistics experience to go to the next level!

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