U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods will be retained

NO.1 US Treasury Secretary: Tariffs on Chinese goods will be retained

Yellen recently said that although the United States should find a way to ease tension with China, it is too early to cancel the Trump's tariffs on China.

Yellen said when asked about China's policy: "The reason why we impose tariffs on China is because we have potential concerns about China's unfair trade behavior, especially those who affect intellectual property rights and technology transfer. Those concerns have not been resolved." She added that the two sides must work on this issue. Yellen claimed that she asked this problem in the recent trip to Beijing. She said: "There is a new economic team in China. We need to establish a relationship with them. We need to let our relationship return to a more stable position."

NO.2 Mexico's welding steel chain to launch anti -dumping review investigation

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Mexico recently issued an announcement at the official Daily that at the application at the Mexican company Deacero, S.A.P.I. De C.V., decided to start the anti -dumping sunset review of the imported welded steel chain (Spanish: Cadena de Acero de Eslabones Soldados). Investigation, the current Mexican customs tax number involved in the case was 7315.82.91.

The dumping period of this case is from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. The damage survey period is from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2023. The announcement will take effect the next day. The original anti -dumping measures during the review period were valid.

NO.3 Ali International Station: Overseas online demand increased by 33% year -on -year

Ali International Station recently released digital foreign trade semi -annual reports, showing that in various export industries and foreign trade markets, digitalization has become the current biggest trend.

The report shows that the overseas demand in Ali International Station in the first half of the year increased by 33%year -on -year, 90%of the industry's online exports increased rapidly, and 91%of overseas market traffic rose. Not only did emerging markets such as Southeast Asia continue to grow at high speed, but traditional foreign trade markets such as Europe and the United States also returned to the growth track.

No.4 Amazon Brazil to speed up the delivery speed, and the 6th city of Brazil has achieved 2 days

According to reports, in order to shorten the delivery time and continuously improve the customer's shopping experience, Amazon Brazil has expanded the cooperation in Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras to further speed up its delivery system in Brazil.

According to the new agreement, consumers at the Port of Algri will receive a package they buy on Amazon within a working day. It is reported that since the cooperation between the two companies, as of November 2022, Azul has transported more than 1 million products to Amazon customers in northwestern Brazil. Amazon has 10 distribution centers and 24 distribution stations in the country, and thousands of employees provide services to all Brazil cities. FBA USA freight

NO.5 Manufacturing weakly dragging down the Singapore economy

According to data recently released by the Singapore Enterprise Development Bureau, in June, Singapore's main exports declined greater, and non -oil exports fell 15.5%year -on -year, and fell for 9 consecutive months, slightly lower than previous Bloomberg analysts. This also shows that the hidden concerns of Singapore's economic development are still there. The shrinking of Singapore's manufacturing industry is expanding, from 5.3%in the previous season to 7.5%.

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