The US -Line freight rate rises: 26%in the United States and West, 12%in the East of the United States

NO.1 US -Line freight rates rose: US West 26%, East 12%

Driven by the sharp rise in the US -line freight rate, the latest issue of the Shanghai export container freight index of SCFI rose 5.09 % to 979.11 points, stopping the fall. Different routes have different trends due to their own fundamentals and demand fundamentals.

Among them, the freight rates of West and East of the United States increased by 26.14 % and 12.42 % of the freight rates every 40 feet. The freight rates of the European routes were stable, but many ship companies have announced that the FAK rate will be raised on August 1st. It is expected that the European line is expected to be early August. There will also be an upward trend, ushered in a wave of sprints.

NO.2 South China ports to stop all submitted box services due to typhoons

Typhoon "Tyle" this year approached the coast of South China in my country. Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT), Shekou Container Terminal (SCT), Chiwan Container Terminal (CCT), and Mawan Port Containement Terminal (MCT) adjustment related businesses. YICT, SCT, CCT, and MCT have stopped all the box services of the gate at 3:00 on July 17.

Shekou container pier also emphasized that before the dock opens, in order to ensure the smooth trailer and quickly enter the Hong Kong, the driver is requested not to stop on both sides of Xinghai Avenue, Yihai Avenue, and the right.

Most of the area imports and exports that this typhoon influence are fragile, moisture and damaged goods, and the following prevention needs to be made:

First, please pay attention to the boxes and inspection boxes when booking the box. For the water and wet goods, do the prevention work from the source. It is recommended to place a tray.

Second, do a good job of ligation and reinforcement when packing to avoid cargo damage due to the displacement of goods during transportation.

Third, for the goods after arriving in Hong Kong, please leave the port area early and collect the warehouse to avoid goods damage caused by the stacking, dock accumulated water or box leakage.

NO.3 Ningbo Airlines Stock Exchange: The freight index of Indo -Pakistan route fell 19% month -on -month

According to the Ningbo Shipping Exchange, from July 8th to July 14th, the Ningbo Export Container Freight Index (NCFI) released by the Ningbo Shipping Exchange was closed at 667.4 points, an increase of 3.1% from last week last week Essence Among the 21 routes, 8 routes have risen, and 13 route freight indexs have fallen. Among the main ports along the "Maritime Silk Road", the freight index of 4 ports rose, and the freight rate index of 12 ports fell.

Last week, the Indo -Pakistani route market fluctuated. Due to the sufficient supply of market cabin, in order to ensure the loading rate, the liner company continues to reduce the freight rate, and the market booking price of the market has continued to fall sharply. The shipping price index of Indo -Pakistani routes was 1047.9 points, a decrease of 19.0%from last week.

No.40,000 Sea 13000TEU large accident occurred

Recently, a container ship named Wan Hai A02, a subsidiary of Wanhai Shipping, collided with a dry cargo ship named Vassos 2 at Gamei Port in Ho Chi Minh City with the Port of Ho Chi Minh City. The accident caused the stern part of the Wan Hai A02, but the accident caused a heavy loss of the bulk terminal.

It is reported that at that time, the Wan Hai A02 round was leaving Hong Kong under severe weather conditions. When the S -shaped river section of the THI VAI river rivers suddenly out of control, the stern floating the channel. The stern on the side of the round and the two rounds of Vassos. The impact on the dock building causes the Interflour Cai Mep port 46M to break the upstream pier upstream pier, and some cargo teleportation belts and suction -style cargo loading equipment are damaged and dropped into the river and nearby.

NO.5 16! Samsung Heavy Industries refresh the receipt record country

South Korean shipping company Samsung Heavy Industries announced on the 17th that the company has signed 16 16000TEU methanol dual fuel power container ships with Asian shipowners with an order value of 395.93 trillion won (about 3.13 billion US dollars), which is the largest single signed by Samsung Heavy Industries. The ship contract refreshed the receipt record set by the company in June last year (12 174,000 cubic meters of LNG transport ships, worth 3.33 trillion won).

With the signing of this super large order, so far this year, Samsung Heavy Industries has contracted 25 new ship orders worth 6.3 billion US dollars, achieving 66%of the annual order target 9.5 billion US dollars, and the value of handheld orders has increased to 33.6 billion yuan to 33.6 billion The US dollar set the highest record in 5 years.

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