The maximum discount is 75%, and the Suez Canal lowered the traffic fee

NO.1 Asia Suidi Canal reduced traffic, the maximum discount is 75%

It is reported that the Suez Canal Authority has announced that it has issued a new traffic reduction notice for the transportation of Suez Canal for "chemicals and other liquid bulk". This pass is suitable for the port of the Gulf of the United States (from the port of Miami and its western port in the "Gulf of the United States") and the Caribbean region (the port north of San Andreis Island) and in Asia Oil tankers sailing between the following areas.

The discount must enjoy a 20%discount from the port of Pakistan to Karachi, Pakistan, to the port of Karachi, Pakistan. The discount is up to 75%. Discounts are suitable for ships that run from July 1st to December 31st.

No.2 One launches new services connecting Europe and South America

  Ocean Network Express (One) announced the launch of the Latin-East Coast European Express (LUX), which is a new weekly route connecting Europe and the Mediterranean to the East Coast of the South American. LUX's first flight will depart from Montevi's Asia Harbor on September 16.

According to the Singapore container shipping company, LUX is the first special service to connect the European and Mediterranean to the East Coast of the South America. ONE hopes to provide competitive transportation time from the East Coast of South America to the Mediterranean and Europe, and provide customers with competitive alternative products of existing products in the market, especially refrigerated goods.

In a statement, ONE pointed out: "This is also the only service in the market that dials directly from the South American East Coast from Lisbon, providing customers with the opportunity to ship from these unique ports."

NO.3 Matsky deploy artificial intelligence robot solutions in the British warehouse

Matsky cooperates with American company Berkshire Grey to implement artificial intelligence robot solutions in the latest warehouse in East Midland, Britain.

The order classification speed of the system is three times faster than that of traditional artificial systems. The upstream batch inventory extraction speed has been increased by 33%, and the typical inventory unit (SKU) classification, order configuration file and packaging can be treated 100%. This will not only improve the competitiveness of Masis's performance, but also improve the elasticity and flexibility of its customer supply chain.

"Berkshire Grey's artificial intelligence robots have a good record in various industries in North America. We are glad to bring these benefits to our customers in the UK now," said Fergus WHINHAM, regional head of the "Mask performance" product in Britain and Ireland. "This complex and flexible system reflects our promise of optimizing processes in the rapidly developing market and better serving customers."

No.40,000 sea container ships were detained after hitting the shore

  Recently, a Wanhai shipping container ship was detained in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The ship hit the shore of one of the berths on the same day. The navigation lights on the shore, guardrails, street lights and shores were damaged. No one was injured and there was no report of oil leakage.

On July 11, officials of the Taiwan International Port Corporation Kaohsiung Branch went to the scene of the accident and found that there were two obvious impact traces on the dyke. A navigation lamp was damaged and tilted, a landscape lamp was hit, and the other landscape lamp was tilted due to the impact of the collision warehin.

TIPC officials estimate that replacing damaged navigation and landscape lights will spend about NT $ 2.5 million ($ 79,871). The damaged navigation light is removing and installing temporary navigation lights. In addition, a warning equipment will be set up at the scene to maintain the safety of the scene. It is expected that TIPC will ask Wanhai Company to compensate for losses.

NO.5 Los Angeles Port in the United States 833035 Standard Box in June

The Port of Los Angeles was transported 83,3035 standard boxes in June, which is the best performance since July last year. "Although we may see the reduction in freight in July in July, I believed that the performance in the second half of 2023 would be improved compared to the first six months in July in July."

  In June 2023, the loading imports reached 435307 standard box, a decrease of 2%year -on -year. The full load export reached 108050 standard box, an increase of 15% compared with last year. The unloading volume of the air container was 289679 standard box, a year -on -year decrease of 14%.

  In the first six months of 2023, the port had processed 4.1 million standard boxes, a decrease of 24%compared with the same period in 2022. In addition, Changtan Port reached the strongest month to 2023 in May, which increased the hope of the growth trend of the number of containers in the middle of the year.

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