Global aviation goods are released on behalf of TOP25; Canadian strikes continue

NO.1 Global Airlines TOP25 is released for the first time Matsky was shortlisted

Recently, the TOP25 ranking of flights in 2022 was announced. Among them, the top five are De Xun (K+N), DHL, DSV, DBSChenker, and Expeditors, which lasted the ranking of 2021. De Xun further expanded the leading advantage of DHL and once again became the world's largest air freight agency company.

Of the first 25, 5 Chinese logistics companies were shortlisted, namely China Foreign Transport (8th), Kerry Logistics (13), Tianjin Ouhua (14), Hua Trade Logistics (15th), and China and Philippine Bank (22).

In addition, another significant change in the list was Maski, which was first shortlisted and ranked 25th.

NO.2 Canada strike over 10 days, and the shipping company has announced the jump of Hong Kong

The dock workers on the main port of the West Coast of Canada have lasted for more than ten days. The two largest Pacific ports in Canada are still in a state of stopping. More than 20 vessels have begun to line up in the anchors and wait for berths, and the railway operations serving the United States have actually stopped. Many shipping companies announced jumping in Hong Kong.

According to EESEA data, four container ships driving to Vancouver have changed the original port of the port, first stopped in Seattle, and then returned to Vancouver. The four ships are "OOCL SAN Francisco", "CMA CGM Medea", "Yantian" and "Hyundai Faith".

NO.3 The West Port Trade Union stated that it would not work on the Canadian database vessels

Recently, the West Coast Port Union of the United States stated that for the origin of the port of Vancouver, Canada, the workers would not work on it due to the strike diverted to the Port in Seattle, USA.

  According to Mrinetraffic, 16 ships are currently parked at Vancouver Port, of which 6 ships are moored in Prince Rurth's port, which is the two largest ports on the west coast of Canada.

  There are more container ships on the road. According to statistics, a total of 15 container ships are driving to Vancouver, and 9 container ships are driving to Prince Rurth Port.

NO.4 Dafeihai Transport to revise Algerian port congestion surcharges

Da Feihai's port has announced the revision of the port congestion (PCS) of the port of Algerian ORAN and Alger's port because the continuous delays between the current congestion/waiting time and the time of the mooring of the ship. According to Dafeihai Transport Company, the result is that the delivery time of full loading goods has increased, the re -loading/re -positioning frequency of air equipment is affected, and the operating costs are also rising.

Therefore, Dafei Haiyun will levy dry goods, OOGs (OOG), dangerous goods, refrigerated goods and special goods for $ 150 per Teu/GB £ £ £ £ £ £ £ 15/euro. The surcharges will take effect on July 15th, and it is suitable for sailing from the Mediterranean (including Portugal), North Africa (including Morocco), Black Sea and Northern Europe (including Baltic Sea) to Olan and Al, and Er.

NO.5 Amazon Shipping Clippers Products Upgrade FBA Satellite Warehouse Freight Price reduction


Recently, in order to meet the cross -border shipments of sellers of different stations in the United States and Europe, AGL provided cross -border transportation services for sea transportation ships (whole boxes, illustrations) and sea transportation fast ships (whole boxes, illustrations). Domestic transportation, export customs declaration, sea transportation, and destination port and clear customs operations are sent to the Amazon operation center. It has the advantages of many sellers such as European and American locks and priority.

In addition, AGL also owns Star services (Amazon FBA satellite warehouse) and STS services (transportation to the designated overseas warehouse of sellers), providing sellers with a solution for flexible supply chain management.

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