Can sea freight achieve pick-up in 13 days?


Many sellers will be tangled with air or sea shipping.

There is a big difference in price in terms of air transportation and sea transportation. From the perspective of timeliness, the two are also very different. The general timeliness of air transportation is about 10 days, but sea shipping takes more than ten or even a month to reach the destination. Therefore, from the perspective of time, sea shipping will be much slower than air.

From the perspective of price, the price of sea transportation is much cheaper than air transport. Many sellers choose sea transportation because they want to save money, and they will choose air transport when their product are urgent.

Is there any time to achieve air transportation?

Of course.

Xiangcheng International Logistics provides you with Matson Supreme Sea Shipping:

1. The shipping time is as soon as 13 days of UPS extraction.

2. Pay compensation, and you will pay for inspection

3. Pre -clearing, your exclusive logistics container

4. The price of sea transportation, the shipping time of air transportation

For the convenience of customers, we can provide you with professional logistics distribution services according to different requirements of customers.

On -site pickup: The goods in China can provide on -site pickup services

Express delivery: provide door -to -door service

Service time: 24 hours of customer service.

Professional inquiry: We can provide customers with free inquiries to facilitate customers to grasp the transportation of cargo. If customers need to understand the actual situation of the goods or have other special requirements, we will provide you with corresponding services according to your requirements.

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