Taiping Shipping New Asian Route

No.1, 12 ships, $ 3 billion! Dafei placed a big order in the Chinese shipyard

Recently, some foreign media reports that Dafei Group has reached a large order of shipbuilding and set up 12 24000teu methanol dual fuel container ships in Yangtze River Shipbuilding.

It is reported that each new ship costs about 200 million to 250 million US dollars, and the total order price is about 3 billion US dollars. The new ship is expected to be delivered from 2026.

Counting on this new order, Dafei currently has a total of 36 methanol dual -fuel container ship orders in China and South Korean shipyards. It has a capacity of more than 600,000 TEUs, ranking first in the world.

NO.2, Pakistan: Cancel all import restrictions!

The National Bank of Pakistan recently issued a notice to cancel all import restrictions on food, energy, industry and other industries to meet the requirements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to restore loans. The Pakistani government has allowed banks to provide remittance services for all imported products.

In addition, Pakistan will amend its next financial budget to appease the international currency fund to organize concerns about taxation.

Pakistan Treasury Secretary ISHAQ DAR said in Parliament on the 24th that after three consecutive discussions with the International Monetary Fund, the country plans to introduce new taxes to increase revenue by 215 billion rupees (about $ 750 million ), Reached 9.4 trillion rupees.

NO.3, Freight Airlines Global Considering the application for bankruptcy

According to the Financial Association, due to the decrease in liquidity, Western Global Aviation Co., Ltd. is considering multiple options including the application for bankruptcy.

According to previous reports, the company started confidential negotiations with some creditors last month on their financing demand. According to a report released by Moody's March, the smaller American cargo supplier has been dealing with the problem of labor shortage. Labor shortage has caused the company to use some routes to Asia, leading to soaring fuel costs.

NO.4, Taiping Shipping New Line in Asia

New routes connect nine major ports in China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Taiping Shipping recently announced that it has launched the new Zhouban of China, South Korea to Southeast Asia to direct route KCS, connecting the main ports of China, South Korea, Malacca Strait and Vietnam.

The KCS route will start from Busan Port, South Korea on July 6th. Taiping Shipping and its partners will jointly deploy a set of ship operations with an average capacity of 1800 to 2200teu. Shekou-Singapore-Klang (West Port)-Penang-Singapore-Ho Chi Minh (Kale)-Nansha-Busan.

NO.5, the global shipbuilding industry will welcome the "super cycle"

In the next 10 years, new shipbuilding investment will reach US $ 1.6 trillion, with more than 2,000 new ship orders each year. The energy transformation of the shipping industry will promote the new ship market into a new round of "super cycles".

According to Clarkson's statistics, since 2000, global new ship investment has estimated to reach 2.3 trillion US dollars, which is equivalent to an average annual new shipbuilding investment of 100 billion US dollars. In the next 10 years, considering the renewal of the fleet renewal required for the green transformation of the shipping industry, it is estimated that the new shipbuilding investment will reach US $ 1.6 trillion by 2033, with an average of 160 billion US dollars per year.

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