The transport volume of Asia to the United States of the United States decreased by 20% year -on -year

NO.1, Asia to the US offshore container shipping volume decreased by 20% year -on -year

According to data released on June 19, the transportation volume of maritime containers sent to the United States in May was 14.748.72 million (calculated by 20 feet containers), which was 20%compared with the same period last year. Hold flat.

According to the product category, furniture category with higher transportation shares decreased by 31%, which greatly lowered the overall level. Toys and sports goods dropped by 29%, clothing dropped by 27%, shoes fell by 35%, and consumer goods declined significantly.

NO.2, Maersk increases the frequency of freight flights between China, South Korea, and Europe and the United States

Maersk has recently announced that it will increase frequency of regular freight flights on routes between mainland China, South Korea, and Europe and the United States, and invest more cargo aircraft.

The person in charge of Mascia's global air transport product said: "We have invested in a cargo aircraft again and significantly increased the frequency of freight flights. , Reliability and toughness.

In addition, this move can also enhance our partnership in the global air freight market, truly customer -centric and provide high -quality services for it. "

NO.3 and May in May Europe and the United States have a return efficiency rate

According to the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, in May, the level of comprehensive services in China's major ports remained stable, and the efficiency of major port operations in Europe and the United States improved.

Among them, the European Burger Port ship stopped at 2.13 days when the average stop in Hong Kong was reduced by 4.1%month -on -month. 4.57 days.

NO.4, Spain's Europa Airlines pilot began a new round of strike

The Spanish Oroba pilot began a new round of strike. The company's 16 flights that were originally planned to take off on the 19th were canceled.

According to the previous statement issued by the Spanish Flying Employee Association, this round of strikes will continue until July 2. The Flying Employees said that the company violated the preliminary agreement reached on June 8 and did not meet the requirements of salary and working conditions, so the strike continued.

From May 22nd to June 2nd, the Oroba Airlines pilots conducted a total of 8 rounds of strike and canceled 114 flights.

NO.5, DHL will build a new port facilities in Helsinki, Finland

Recently, DHL Express announced that it will build a new port facilities at Wanta Airport at Herbinye, Finland, and is expected to be completed and put into operation in the second half of 2025.

It is worth mentioning that the port will be designed and constructed in carbon neutrality, including the use of land heating and photovoltaic power generation, energy -saving building materials, etc., and using LED lighting and advanced building management system inside the facility. In addition, the loading area will be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

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