MSC, Evergreen, HMM, ONE, HPL and other ship companies have adjusted routes!



01. Container Shipping Company MSC announced that its Santana route will stop by the Port of Effels in Florida, USA, not the port of Miami.

This change will take effect from the MSC Polaris voyage from the sea on June 8th. MSC also confirmed that the transportation time of the service will not change due to the exchange of ports.

The modified rotation is as follows:

Hai Defense-Shanghai-Ningbo-Busan-Rodman-Cosetado-Grand Marsh Port-Charlston Balm's New York-Boston-Singapore.

02. Recently, MSC announced its SWAN service as an independent product. The service will connect the Nordic ports of the main ports in China and the Big Port of the Big and Pindonia, Gdinia, Gdansk and Clepeida.

The SWAN route will provide one of the fastest transportation time between China, Biru Economic Union, Poland and Baltic countries. SWAN will be the first to provide services directly from Asia to Cardia and Clepeida. As a container portal in Poland, GDonia is a mature and flexible choice; the port will maintain the same conditions as Gdansk.

The service will also use Saudi Arabia to connect the logistics network in Nordic and Asia and the Gulf region by Saudi Arabia.

The complete rotation is:

Qingdao -Ningbo -Yantian -Tanjong Parapas -Antwerp -Gintinia -Gdansk -Klepeida -King Port of Abdullah -Qingdao -Qingdao

03. MSC announced plans to adjust its sailing in its Asia to Canada.

This is consistent with the actual departure date of Asia. Therefore, a ship is expected to delay for a week.

In the 25th week, especially in the MAPLE service, the current shipping period of the San Francisca ship with UM325N will have a weekly delay.


01. On May 30, Evergreen announced that the new coastal defense was directly reached KTH, and the ship period was available every Monday. The route first sailed in Qingdao on June 19.

The new route will be operated by three Evergreen, with a ship type of about 1800teu. Every week, it will be directly sailed in Vietnam's naval defense for 8 days. A variety of services such as import and export transportation and third place can be provided.

The modified rotation is as follows:

The route of the route is: Hakata-Ulsan-Busan-Guangyang-Qingdao-Taipei-Kaohsiung-Kaohsiung-Kaohsiung-Taipei-Botuo.


01. Starting from mid -June 2023, the Middle East India and Africa Express (MIAX) service will include the port of Hazra in its port coverage. The following is an overview of the coverage of the port:

Middle East India and Africa Express (Miax) will increase the rotation of Hadu Port.

Jebel Ali, AE-> Mundra, in-> Hazira, in-> Nhava Sheva, in-> Colombo, LK-> Durban, Za-> TINCAN/Apapa, Ng-> Durban, Za-> Jebel Ali, AE

The updated ship will be kicked off by the MV BEA SCHULTE V.2323W, which is expected to be sailed on June 14, 2023.


01. HMM's Far East-India-Latin America (FIL) route will serve Euta Port and connect it to some major ports in Asia, such as Busan (South Korea), Shanghai (China), Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia) (Indonesia) And Catpar (India).

The first ship stopped at the port of Etobo was the MV Hyundai Shanghai Eta IOA, which will arrive on July 8.

"This is a relatively new service provided by HMM, which is very beneficial to commercial trade with Asia," said Sergni Pessoa Rosa Jr. Porto Itapoá's operation, technology and environmental director. "For those who need to arrange for delivery with the mainland countries, this is a further choice."

The FIL service was announced by HMM in October 2021 and began operations in December of that year. Due to the epidemic, it has experienced some changes, but now it has restored its original configuration.


01. Ocean Network Express (ONE) announced the upgrading of its iBesco (IBC) service, adding a direct shutdown service to and from the Gadinia Harbor.

According to ONE, the addition of Polish ports will enhance its coverage in Europe and provide customers with direct choices between Polish, Scandinavia, Portugal, and European base ports.

The first Pingdinia stopped on June 16 in the MV WES GESA. The service is once a week.

The new service rotation is as follows:

Rotterdam-Lex Reisbon-London Port Port-Rotterdonia-Ohos-Godburg-Anderspup-Rotterdam.

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