The demand for international shipping in the first quarter continued to decline

NO.1. In the first quarter, international sea transportation demand continued to decline

The latest "Global Port Development Report in the first quarter of 2023" (referred to as the "Report") released by the Shanghai International Shipping Research Center shows that the demand for international shipping in the first quarter continued to decline, and the global Asian port alone maintained a steady growth. In addition, the global port container throughput has generally fallen, and the global port liquid bulpolence has performed well.

The "Report" mentioned that most of the port container throughput in the first quarter fell into negative growth. Due to the increase in economic uncertainty and high levels of inflation rates, European ports have led to a slowdown in the demand for container shipping. As the manufacturers and distributors are still trying to digest the surplus inventory of raw materials and finished products, orders have been greatly reduced, which has greatly reduced the amount of container throughput in the US port, and the number of railways and truck transportation has been greatly reduced.

Although affected by the weakened demand in the United States and Europe, my country's port growth slowed down in the first quarter, and the container trade in the region remained positive growth.

NO.2.Multiple ports in India are stopped

As the strong tropical storm "Biparjoy" is moving towards the northwest of India, all Indian ports on the coast of Gujeratebang have stopped operating until they will notify them separately.

The affected ports are some of the country's main container loading and unloading ports, such as the busiest Mundra, Pipavav, and Hazira.

A local industry sources pointed out that "the port of Mondla has suspended the ship beeping and plans to transfer all the paroxysical vessels to evacuate the berth." According to the current signs, the storm is expected to land in the area on Thursday.

NO.3, Maski was fined $ 9.8 million

A few days ago, the United States Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) fined up to $ 9.8 million in Hamburg Süd, a Masisky subsidiary, Hamburg Süd. This was the largest fine on the trains company since the summer of 2022.

It is reported that OJ Commerce (OJC), a furniture importer headquartered in Florida, USA, initially filed a lawsuit with FMC in 2021, accusing Hamburg South America violated the contract, charged unreasonable freight, and asked the latter to compensate $ 100 million.

FMC said that Hamburg South America and OJC held different opinions on many facts, and OJC had fierce lawsuits on this because Hamburg South America refused to provide a clear cabin in the contract for OJC. In the end, the FMC made a decision to fires $ 9.8 million in the liner company.

It is understood that the fine is related to the content of the US "Maritime Reform Act". FMC stated in a statement: "This case has triggered a new legal issue on refusing to trade claims, revenge claims and compensation calculations."

NO.4, the world's largest LNG transport plus injection ship completes loading

On June 12, after 14 hours of homework, the world's largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) transportation ship "Marine Petroleum 301" completed the bonded LNG loading.

The ship stopped on June 11 at the Chinese sea oil Ningbo "Green Energy Port" pier in the Chinese sea oil Ningbo "Green Energy Port" pier in Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The open development of the entire oil and gas industry chain of the Free Trade Pilot Zone provides strong support.

It is understood that the "Marine Petroleum 301" is independent R & D and construction in my country. The captain is 184.7 meters and a width of 28.1 meters. It can load up to 30,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas at one time. This time, 11,000 cubic meters.

NO.5, Honduras breeding South whitening pair shrimp is allowed to lose China

On June 12, China and Honduras formally signed a letter of inspection and quarantine and veterinarian hygiene requests for the hydraulic products of Honduras, which marked the entry of Honduras South whitening shrimp.

A few days ago, the General Administration of Customs has approved nine breeding aquaculture companies in Honduras registered in China, and can carry out South White and White Shrimp to lose China. This will promote the development of the trade between China and Hong and enrich my country's market's consumer demand for high -quality aquatic products.

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