In 2022, the busiest container port in Europe was announced!

Recently, Container News has compiled the container transport data of 2022 and listed the top ten most busy container ports in Europe last year.

No.1, Dutch Rotterdam Port

Rotterdam in the Netherlands continued to maintain the position of the largest container port in Europe. In 2022, the throughput was 14.4 million TEU, a decrease of 5.5%year -on -year;

At the same time, the financial performance of Rotterdam Port has improved, with revenue increased by 6.9%year -on -year to US $ 876 million. It was $ 262.3 million.

NO.2, Belgium Antwerp-Bruch Port

The second place is Antwerp-Bruges (Bruges, Belgium) in Belgium. In 2022, the container throughput was 13.5 million standard boxes, a year-on-year decrease of 5.2%;

It is worth noting that the two ports of Antwerp and Zabulu in Belgium completed the merger in April 2022, and Antwerp-Bruch Port officially started operation.

NO.3, German Burger Port

Hamburg in Germany ranked third with a container throughput of 8.3 million TEU, and the annual throughput decreased by 5.1%year -on -year.

The gap between imports and exports of Hamburg is small. The import standard box was 4.2 million, and the export standard box was 4.1 million, a decrease of 6.1%and 4.1%year -on -year.

In addition, it is worth noting that Hamburg Port and COSCO recently reached a final agreement, that is, the acquisition of a minority equity of the Fudi Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (CTT) Concerns about the influence of the industry.

No.4, Spain Valenci Harbor Harbor

The fourth ranking is Valencia, Spain, and Valencia handled a total of 5.1 million standard boxes in 2022, a year -on -year decrease of 9.4%.

NO.5, Greece Portal Port

Piraeus in Greece processed 5 million standard boxes in 2022, a decrease of 6%year -on -year, but still maintained its ranking fifth in European container ports.

On the other hand, the financial performance of the Port Affairs Bureau (PPA) of the Port (PPA) of the Port Affairs of the Port (PPA) has improved, and its turnover increased by 26.2%to $ 208 million.

It is worth noting that as early as 2016, COSCO Group acquired a majority equity of Greek ports, and in recent years, the port has made huge growth.

NO.6, Spain's Alchlas Port

The sixth is Algeciras in Spain.

In 2022, the port of Alchlas handled 4.8 million standard boxes, a slight decrease of 0.8% compared with the throughput of the previous year

NO.7, Germany Bhieme Port

Bremerhaven in Germany fell by 8.9%last year, and ranked seventh.

The throughput of Bhieme Port in 2022 was 4.6 million standard boxes.

NO.8, Port Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona in Spain ranked eighth.

In 2022, Port Barcelona processed 3.5 million standard boxes. Compared with 2021, the container throughput of Port Barcelona was relatively stable last year.

NO.9, Italy Jiao Yaoluo Port

Gioia Tauro, Italy ranked ninth with a throughput of 3.4 million TEU.

Jiao Yaoluo Port is also the first port on the list to achieve a year -on -year increase in container, an increase of 7.1% year -on -year

No. 10, French port complex Haropa port

The French port complex, including Le Havre, Roun, and Paris Port, ranks tenth.

A total of 3.1 million TEU goods were treated in 2022, a year -on -year increase of 1%.

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