The drought will affect the Panama Canal; Robin is promoted to appoint the new CEO!

NO.1, drought will affect the Panama Canal pass

"It is impossible for us to accurately predict when the water shortage will reach the level we are currently undergoing." Ricaurte vásquez Morales, the manager of the Panama Canal, recently issued a severe warning, saying that the increasingly serious drought has caused traffic in the ship of the Chinese American country. The problem may be one of the major shipping news that appeared repeatedly in 2023.

Last month, further restrictions on the container ship through the canal. Based on this, some large freighters through the canal will have to carry 40%of the boxes less than normal.

The Canal Management Department warns that global trade should be prepared to deal with further restrictions, especially when the weather phenomenon of El Niopy is coming. Due to the small rainfall in the past few months, the Panama government has recently announced that it has entered a state of climate emergency.

No.2, Veho launches new freight services

Veho announced that it will launch new freight services in Boston and New York in Northeast China. Veho's freight service will be managed and scheduled through the company's application, and merchants can use the application to arrange cargo transportation. Independent truck drivers can accept freight tasks and distribute through applications.

Veho said that they chose Boston and New York as the launch place because these two cities are regions with dense population and frequent commercial activities and have strong logistics needs.

NO.3, Robin Sheng appoints the new CEO

Dave Bozeman will officially serve as CEO of Robin Sheng's CEO from June 26.

On June 6, C.H. Robinson Worldwide (referred to as Robin Sheng), the seventh largest sea shipping on the world, and the largest sea shipping on the United States, announced that Dave Bozeman appointed Dave Bozeman as the new CEO (CEO) and members of the board of directors. Dave Bozeman will officially serve on June 26.

According to reports, before joining Robin Sheng, Dave Bozeman served as vice president of customer service department in Ford Motor. From 2017-2022, Dave Bozeman also served as the vice president of Amazon's transportation business sector to optimize Amazon's global distribution supply chain.

No.4, a cargo ship stranded in Japan

Recently, a Japanese cargo "Dacheng Maru 21" was stranded near the coast of Kogochi Island, Kasaoka, Japan.

At the time of the accident, the cargo ship built by 1400teu in 1992 was driving from Hiroshiko, Takakura City to Wugang Port in Hiroshima.

In the video report released by the local TBS News, no hull was damaged, and there was no oil leak. All crew members on the ship were safe.

No.5, eBay US station: Cross -border spontaneous sellers must abide by the EU customs rules

EBAY US Station recently announced that the new EU customs rules have taken effect. If the seller of cross -border spontaneous cargo does not follow, the seller's items may be detained or returned by the customs, and may even face fines and other types of punishment.

The specific regulatory requirements are as follows: the items exported to the EU need to provide a coordination system (HS) code, and the customs use HS code to correctly identify the tariffs and taxes of the product; the new EU customs regulations require detailed product description; Material) Regulations for commodities. The definition of limited items and harmful substances is not the same.

One of the requirements for the EU Digital Service Act (DSA) is that the seller must provide a return service for at least 14 days; DSA also requires the seller to register the workers' information to bear the return fee and import and export tax in some cases (users refuse to accept parcels, etc.) Essence

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