The Suez Canal is a brief interrupt; the West West route rose 26.5%

NO.1, West Coast Port Wharf Worker Strike

Pacific Maritime Association, which represents the West Coast Terminal operator, recently said that pier workers have conducted coordinated interference work actions, causing the large -scale container port from Los Angeles and Seattle, South California to stop or severely interfere with operations.

The shipping industry officials said that starting from Thursday evening, the dock workers have not worked on time and slowed down their operating speed at the port. This situation continued until Friday morning.

NO.2, Suez Canal briefly interrupted for some reason

According to Reuters, the Suez Canal Administration of Egypt said on June 4 that a "Seavigour" wheel from Russia to China suffered an engine failure in the Suez Canal, causing a short period of interruption of the Canal traffic. At present, the oil tanker has been dragged away.

Osama Rabi, chairman of the Suez Canal Administration, stated in a statement, "The Oil Wire SeaVigour fails to fail through the canal on the way from Russia to China, and the three emergency trailers are sent immediately."

It is reported that the Suez Canal Administration subsequently sent three trailers. After the hug successfully dragged away the faulty tanker, the two -way transportation had returned to normal.

NO.3, freight rate rebound: Western routes rose 26.5%

On June 3, the Ningbo Export Container freight index (NCFI) of the Maritime Silk Road Index was reported at 742.2 points, an increase of 5.7%over the previous week. Among the 21 routes, 9 route freight index rose.

Among them, the North American routes have pushed the prices of shipwrecks in June due to the increase in the prices of the shipping carrier in June, and the shipping price rebounded significantly. Due to the low preliminary freight rate, the increase in the US West route was even more obvious. The latest data show that the shipping price index of the Eastern route is 902.2 points, an increase of 14.7%from last week; the shipping price index of the US West route is 940.7 points, an increase of 26.5%over the last week.

NO.4, Shanghai Shipping Exchange: Multi -route freight rises rose

The Shanghai Shipping Exchange released the weekly report of China's export container transportation market, showing that China's export container transportation market has a steady trend, transportation demand is generally stable, and most routes have risen to support the comprehensive index.

As China continues to promote the high -quality economic development and the national economy has continued to recover, China's export market transport market is expected to continue its trend in the future. On June 2, the comprehensive freight freight index of Shanghai Export Container released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange was 1028.70 points, an increase of 4.6%over the previous period.

No.5 and January-May Mid-European class outbreak of the European class increased by 24.04%

News from June 3rd, from January to May this year, the China -Europe trains (Hefei) broke the 485 row, an increase of 24.04%year -on -year. The trail coverage is further extended, adding 25 new international sites.

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