What is the difference between AMS and ISF in US routes?

When the goods are sent to the United States, you need to fill in the US AMS counter -terrorism cock single system. In fact, in addition to the application of AMS, ISF declaration is required.

It can be said that as long as AMS is sent, then ISF must be sent! So what is AMS and ISF and what is the difference?

What is AMS and ISF?

AMS and ISF are two different application systems for imported goods in the United States. The purpose is to implement measures to strengthen US security, but they have different goals, content, time, and responsible subjects.

AMS: The full name of AMS is the Automated Manifest System. All the goods to the United States or the goods transferred to the third country must be declared to the US customs 24 hours before loading the ship, including the specific capillary body. Real shipments, Chinese and English names, the purpose of declaration is to let the US customs understand the goods in advance.

According to the regulations of the US Customs, AMS information is required to send AMS information closest to the direct exporter, and it is directly sent to the US Customs Database through the system designated by the US Customs, and can only be boarded after confirmation. However, the actual situation in China is that most cargo generations will send information to ship companies or booking agents. Not only in the United States, Canada also needs, the same nature as the AMS in the United States, but just calling ACI in Canada.

ISF: The full name of ISF is the Importer Security Filing, which is a mandatory regulations unique to the US customs. There are 12 contents of ISF declaration, 10 of which are filled in by the importers and 2 items are filled in by the shipowner. Therefore, the ISF declaration is also commonly known as 10+2 declarations. The importers can entrust their trusted overseas agents to declare.

ISF's declaration time is the same as the AMS counter-terrorist cabin. It must be declared through the AMS or ABI system within 24 hours before the cargo ship loading, and the actual situation is that the shipping company or agency will complete the ISF declaration 3-4 days in advance, and with AMS Matching the data of the cabin. But unlike AMS, the purpose of ISF declaration is to allow the US customs to understand the situation of physical units on the supply chain in advance, and its essence is to add upstream and downstream physical information based on AMS.

It is worth noting that both AMS and ISF declarations need to be completed 24 hours before the cargo loading, otherwise it will face fines or other penalties.

What is the difference between AMS and ISF?

The main differences between AMS and ISF are reflected in the content of the declaration. ISF is essentially the basis of the physical unit and buying and seller in the supply chain on the basis of AMS. The content of AMS declares is more information on the bill of lading, including House Bl Number, Carrier Name, Shipper, Consignee, etc. If it is an ACI of the line, plus CCN Code. Generally, this information can generally control these information when declared.

The content of ISF declarations is mainly information about buying and seller, including the company name and address of the buyers and sellers, the company's company name and address, and the customs registration number of the importer. If the freight forwarder helps to declare ISF, it must be collected and integrated when the cabin is fixed. If it is an importer's declaration, some information must be communicated with the seller when declared.

If AMS and ISF have an error in the declaration data when applying, the cost of some modified materials must be afforded when modifying. Applying AMS is generally charged at $ 30/ticket. If the modified data is modified after AMS is cut, it will charge $ 40/ticket; the ISF application fee is $ 25/ticket or $ 30/ticket. It may be fined $ 5,000. Therefore, when filling in this information, you must be careful to avoid problems.

The reason for the establishment of AMS and ISF is because of the "911" terrorist attacks and systems established to strengthen the needs of US security and counter -terrorism. Therefore, when exporting to the United States, we must comply with relevant regulations and complete the application work in a timely and accurate manner.

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