MSC route upgrade: What are the changes in the 11 Asian regions?


Recently, the Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) issued an announcement saying that it has continued to expand and strengthen its internal network of Asia, provide customers with new direct flight services, while shortening the transfer time and increased capacity.

The updated service and first flight arrangement are as follows:

01. Seagull-MSC Sagitta III HU323A, ETA Shanghai, June 6

After the upgrade, it directly connects central China and Indonesia, and at the same time connects Vietnam, Thailand and Shekou to provide competitive transportation time.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Singapore-Tanjong Parapas-Jakarta-Basheng Port-Singapore-Dantan Parapas Linkan-Touton-Shekou-Shanghai.

02. Seahorse-MSC Elizabeth III HO322A, ETA Shanghai, June 1st

After the upgrade, it provides a direct connection from central China to Thailand and Malaysia, and provides competitive transportation time.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Shanghai-Ningbo-Linkan-Barn Port-Singapore-Danjo Parapas-Suraba-Jakarta-Singapore-Tanjou Parapas-Qinzhou-Hong Kong-Shanghai.

03. Dolphin-MSC VAIGA III HV322A, ETA Busan May 31st

Increase network coverage and directly connect to North China and Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Southeast Asia, South Korea and China.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Qingdao-Dalian-Tianjin Xingang-Shekou-Basheng Port-Dantan Parapas-Singapore-Sambo Roman-Surabaya-Singapore-Dantan Parapas-Touton-Busan-Qingdao.

04. Pertiwi-MSC Sophie hw322a, ETA Busan June 2nd

After the upgrade, the attachment to the big shovel bay was added.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Busan-Dalian-Tianjin Xingang-Incheon-Qingdao-Datang-Touyuton-Linkan-Singapore-Danjan Parapas-Jacquett-Singapore-Dantorne-Parapas-Busan-Busan Essence

05, Kaguya-MSC Jasmine Hg326a, ETA Tokyo June 27

It has enhanced the direct and rapid connection from the main ports in central China to the main ports of Vietnam, and provides a 6 -day transportation time with competitive 6 days. In addition, direct flight services from Vietnam and Thailand to the Philippines will be provided within 6 days, as well as an additional coverage from the Philippines to Japan. fba shipping service

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Tokyo-Shimizu-Osaka-Kobe-Bodo-Busan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Hairi-Ho Chi Minh-Linkn-Manila North Port-Busan-Tokyo.

06. LANG Co-MSC Tiphaine II HZ323A, ETA Guiren June 6

The new route will be stopped for the first time and directly connect to the Philippines and South China, and the transportation time is competitive. The upgraded service will also provide direct connections from Indonesia to the Philippines.

Hanging Port Preface: Guiren-Laogang-Yantian-Shekou-Headon-Tanjong Parapas-Singapore-Basheng Port-Jakarta-Bada Goose-Manila North Port-Nansha-Shekou-Guiren.

07. Orchid-MSC Greta III HD322A, ETA Fuzhou June 1

New routes from South China and Vietnam to Penang and Brazil are newly added.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Fuzhou-Shantou-Hong Kong-Shekou-Yantian-Haifang-Singapore-Dantan Parapas-Penang-Brazil-Singapore-Dantan Parapas-Hong Kong-Fuzhou. shipping route

08. Bengal-Hansa Lanka SX322A, ETA Bay Bay, June 3rd

It provides new services on the busiest seaport Bay Bay, the busiest seaport outside Indonesia, provides new services.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: The Bowan-Tanjong Parapas-Singapore-Jida Port-Dantorne Palapas-Singapore-Bulla Bay.

09. Burma-MSC Andrea F SB323A, ETA Bay Bay, June 6

On the basis of the capacity upgrade, the newly opened routes of the Bay Bay.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Bulla Bay-Singapore-Dantan Parapas-Yangon-Singapore-Tanjong Parapas-Bulola Bay.

10. Golden Horn-MSC Kymea II HX323A, ETA Hakata June 6

Added directly to the port of Hakata.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Hakata-Busan-Vladivostok-Busan-Hakata.

11. Origami

It will continue to connect directly to Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asia, as well as the Philippines and South Korea and Japan.

Hanging Hong Kong Preface: Tokyo-Yokohama-4 Day City-Nagoya-Busan-Touton-Tanjong Parapas-Singapore-Subick-Manila North Port-Kaohsiung-Busan-Tokyo.

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