Why is the export of "new three" products from foreign trade?

Since the beginning of this year, the "new three" products represented by electric carrier, lithium batteries, and solar batteries have increased rapidly.

Data show that in the first four months of this year, my country ’s electric carrier -loaded car, lithium battery, and solar cell“ new three ”products exported 353.48 billion yuan, an increase of 72%year -on -year, which increased the overall export growth rate by 2.1 percentage points.

Electric vehicle charging device

What products are the "new three" foreign trade?

In trade statistics, the "new three" includes three categories: electric carrier vehicle, lithium -ion battery and solar cells. Because it is a "new" product, the three have related HS codes and trade statistics from 2017, 2012 and 2009, respectively.

The HS encoding of the electric carrier car is 87022-87024, 87034-87038, including pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, and can be divided into more than 10 passenger cars and the following passenger cars.

The HS encoding of the lithium -ion battery is 85076, which is divided into pure electric vehicles or plug -in hybrid vehicles for lithium -ion batteries, pure electric vehicles or plug -in hybrid vehicles for lithium -ion battery systems, lithium ion batteries and aircraft batteries and aircraft. There are four categories of lithium ion battery.

The HS encoding of solar batteries was 8541402 in 2022 and before, and the encoding of 20123 was 854142-854143, including two major categories: optical battery that was not installed in the component or assembled in blocks and the light battery that was installed in the component or assembled.

China's "new three" commodity export international market share (%)

Why is the export of "new three" products?

Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher at the China International Economic Exchange Center, believes that the demand driving is one of the important conditions for the "new three" to form a new export new superior product.

The "new three" products are to seize the major opportunities for new energy revolution, green revolution, and digital revolution to promote the development of scientific and technological innovation. From this perspective, one of the reasons for the better export performance of "new three" products is the demand drive. The initial stage of the "new three" products rely on foreign demand and support for new energy products and technology and subsidies abroad. policy. logistic

In addition, competition drivers and supply improvement are also one of the core reasons. Regardless of domestic or international, the field of new energy is the most competitive, and the supply -side structural reform has made China improve from brand, products, channels, technology, etc. in the "new three" field, especially the technology of photovoltaic batteries is basically basically. Occupy in all major links.

"New Three" commodity international market demand space is huge

Liang Ming, director and researcher of the Institute of Foreign Trade, Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that the current global importance of the development of new energy, green and low -carbon development has gradually increased, and the demand for the "new three" commodity international markets is very strong. With the acceleration of carbon neutrality in the international community, my country's "new three" products still have a large market space. freight forwarder

Globally, the replacement of green energy on traditional fossil energy has just begun, and the replacement of new energy vehicles on fuel vehicles is also a general trend. In 2022, the international market crude oil trade reached 1.58 trillion US dollars, coal trade reached US $ 286.3 billion, and the car trade volume was close to $ 1 trillion. In the future, these traditional fossil energy and oil vehicles will gradually be replaced by green new energy and new energy vehicles.

What do you think about the export of "new three" commodities in foreign trade?

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