The longest in history! German railway workers will hold a 50 -hour strike

According to reports, the German railway and the transportation workers' unions announced on the 11th that the 50 -hour railway strike will be carried out from the later 14th, and it may seriously affect train traffic next Monday and Tuesday.

As early as the end of March, the German railway and transportation union and the German service industry trade union launched a strike and paralyzed public transportation in Germany. At the end of April, the German railway and transportation unions conducted a warning strike for 8 hours.

In the past few months, several unions in traffic and related departments have been negotiating with employers, and the negotiations have not failed to this day.

According to the German railway and transportation workers 'unions, the upcoming strike will affect the German national railway operator, German railway company and other transportation companies, and have not achieved "meaningful" progress with these companies' labor and capital negotiations in the past few weeks.

"The patience of our members is really exhausted now." Representatives of the German Tian Road and the Transport Workers and Workers' unions stated on the 11th that "we have been forced to strike for 50 hours to show the seriousness of the situation." Such a strike union has greatly affected railway services that affect railway services. Availability does not cause the network to stop completely, depending on what resources can German railway companies mobilize.

The personnel director of the German Railway Corporation Martisle criticized the decision of the strike and said it was a warning strike that did not require members to vote. This crazy strike was completely unhealthy and was overly excessive.

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