Playing the fire is afraid of suffering! COSCO Shipping "Customer Book on Relative to Standard Consignment Dangerous Goods"

COSCO Shipping issued a notice on May 12. Due to the recent occurrence of transportation safety incidents caused by the quality of dangerous goods and the accumulation of dangerous goods and the accumulation in the box, our company once again requested the shipper and trustee. To ensure that consignment of goods is in line with our company's transportation policy, we must not conceal, report, misunderstandings, and missed reports.

Otherwise, our company will deal with the "COSCO Shipping Container Transportation Co., Ltd. Dangerous Cargo Lie Reporting and Concealing Prevention and Disposal Measures". The right to responsibility.

Compared with ordinary goods, the demand for the transportation of dangerous goods is higher, the procedures are more procedures, and the cost is greater.

Therefore, some cargo owners, freight generations, and buyers take risks under the temptation of interests, and choose to steal through illegal ways to report and lie.

The General Administration of Customs stated that as the economy accelerates the recovery and recovery, the export and export of dangerous goods increases significantly. At the same time, there are still illegal issues such as "no reporting in crisis", "high -risk reports", and "more dangerous reports". A must have a severe test on the safety and effective supervision of customs.

This year, the special operation of "combating pseudo -concealment of import and export dangerous goods" for half a year, adhered to the combination of "cracking down, governance, deterrence", comprehensively strengthened risk prevention and control, on -site supervision, follow -up audit, improved the supervision chain, realized the national customs law enforcement law enforcement law enforcement law enforcement "A plate of chess".

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