Accident! The imports of imports in the United States in April have risen, but because of China's rebound in US goods?

According to US media reports, imports in the United States are recovering from a low point. Although the inventory and sales ratio are much higher than before the new crown epidemic, the monthly imports are now at a level or higher than 2019, depending on the data source you use.

According to Descartes data, in April this year, the total imports of US ports were 2,020,197 TEU, an increase of 9%from the previous month and a 5%increase from the new crown epidemic in April 2019. sea frieght

Since September 2022, the decrease in freight volume from China has caused a significant negative impact on US imports. However, the import situation in April this year has appeared significantly reversed.

According to Descartes data, the goods imported from China in April increased by 156,563 standard boxes from March, an increase of 27%month -on -month. The growth of imported goods from China is much higher than other countries; Vietnam ranks second, an increase of 18,249 standard boxes.

At the same time, Chinese goods accounted for US imports from 31.6%in March to 36.8%in April. In February 2022, China's share was as high as 41.5%.

Importation is the lagging indicator of the demand for container goods -in 2022, imports are an extremely lagging indicator due to unprecedented port congestion and other delayed factors.

Maskic executives also said at the conference call that as the inventory gradually decreased, they expected that the import volume would rise in the second half of the year. However, they acknowledged that they had not seen evidence at the end of the inventory stage.

The internal data of the Matsky's fourth -party logistics department shows that the current booking volume has not recovered and there is no sign of rebound.

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