The "one single system" of the Matsky Maritime Subway Union is the first time in Xiamen Port

On April 18, a row of special columns full of Masisky containers slowly entered Xiamen Port Multi -type transportation port station from Nanchang to Xiangtang International Lu Port. The train is equipped with a light card for Jiangling Automobile, a well -known enterprise in Jiangxi, to overseas markets. This marks that Mascia uses the "one single system" method of the sea and railway.

The successful landing of the Maski Maritime Ski -Railway Transportation Project has achieved the company's breakthrough from zero to one in the Xiamen Port Sea Railway Union transportation service from zero to one. And greatly shortened the logistics transportation time and reduced the cost of comprehensive logistics. This efficient and low -cost one -stop full -process service allows products to have more advantages in foreign trade exports. It will further improve the inland extension service network of Xiamen Port as the transit base, helping to further improve the function of Xiamen Port's international hub and port.

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