The freight price is six times! Evergreen, Yangming Moon, twice to increase GRI

Evergreen and Yangming have recently issued a notice again: GRIs from the Far East -North American route will be increased from May 1st, and the expected freight rate will increase by 60 %.

At present, major container vessels around the world are implementing the reduction and deceleration strategies. As global goods began to recover, after the major shipping companies announced the addition of GRI surcharges on April 15, Evergreen and Yangming recently announced that GRI will be charged again on May 1.

The notice of Evergreen to the logistics industry shows that since May 1 this year, it is expected that the Far East, South Africa, East Africa and the Middle East to the United States and Puerto Rico, 20 -foot container GRI will be increased by $ 900; 40 -foot container GRI will be charged $ 1,000; 45 feet high containers charge $ 1266 more; 20 feet and 40 -foot refrigerated container increased by $ 1,000.

Yangming has also notified customers that the Far East -North American freight rates are slightly different according to the different increases of the routes, with an average of about 20 feet and $ 900; $ 1,000 at 40 feet; $ 1125 for special containers; Dollar.

In addition, global shipping operators generally believe that freight rates should return to normal levels. Of course, the ups and downs of the GRI of some shipping companies this time is already. Recently, the owners and freight forwarding of shipments should communicate with the shipping company and customers in advance to avoid affecting the shipment.

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