Clear delays! The largest history of the Canadian outbreak of history

On the morning of April 19, local time, about 100,000 federal government employees in Canada began to strike. The Canadian Civil Service Union with 155,000 members failed to reach a compensation agreement with the federal government before the last term of Tuesday, which triggered one of the largest strikes in Canadian history. The Canadian government has recently issued an announcement that managers will issue a written notice to employees who are in basic service positions, telling them their roles and responsibilities under the strike. logistics

The services of many federal government departments in Canada will be delayed or even completely stopped. The trade union predicts that nearly one -third of the entire federal public service sector will participate in the strike. This will cause many public services to delay or stop, such as employment insurance, immigration and passport applications, etc., ports, docks and airport supply chains and international trade interruptions, as well as slowing border customs clearance. shipping freight

It is worth noting that the strike is at the annual tax reporting season of Canada, and large -scale strikes will inevitably affect tax returns. However, the tax bureau stated that the deadline for tax returns this year will not be delayed due to strike. Canadian residents still need to complete taxes and pay taxes before May 1. The negotiations are still continuing, and the workers of the labor and management have not completely ruptured.

Here I remind that you have recently maintained communication with customers with trade with Canada and pay close attention to the delay and impact of this strike on cargo transportation.

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