Da Fei increased the overweight surcharge, which took effect on May 1st!


A few days ago, the official website of Dafei issued a notice of customers: "In order to continue to work hard to provide customers with reliable and efficient services, it will take effect from May 1, 2023 (ship installation day), and collect the following overweight surcharges until another notice. "

Port of origin               Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, and Macau Special Administrative Regions of China

Destination Port          Nordic, Scandinavian, Polish, and Baltic

Type of goods             Dry container

cost                               Total container weight ≥ 20 tons, $150 per 20 feet dry container

The overweight surcharge refers to the additional freight calculated by the weight of each product when the weight of each product exceeds the prescribed weight. The larger the weight, the higher the surcharges. If you need to transfer the boat, it is generally an additional surcharge for each turn.

This cost is generally charged by the shipping company, and the overweight surcharge standards received by different shipping companies may be different. This specific decision should be determined according to the actual situation of the ship company.

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