Foreign box boats are facing serious delays in the port! Affected by a number of ship companies

It is reported that foreign container vessels that stopped at the port of Kyrgyzstan faced long -term delays before loading containers in the port.

According to the "2019 Bangladesh Ship Banner Protection Law" and the recent implementation rules, Bangladesh's domestic ships enjoy priority when transporting containers entering and leaving Kyoda Port.

Only when foreign ships do not have local ships at the port, can they load and unload Bangladesh's goods, or they must apply for an exemption certificate from the Bangladesh Business Maritime Affairs Bureau 15 days before the loading and unloading goods.

The exemption application will be submitted to the Bangladesh Shipping Corp and the Bangladesh Ocean Board Association (BOGSOA). Both companies operate container and bulk ships to prove that they have no objection to foreign ship loading and unloading goods. Subsequently, the Maritime Bureau issued an exemption certificate to foreign ships. Every time you visit Bangladesh, you must apply for the certificate.

However, some operators complained that many exemption certificates should be issued within 72 hours after the application, and it takes more than a week to cause delays.

Shipping trade officials said that because the volume of freight in and out of Bangladesh is declining, the number of local shipping companies in the country has decreased. Therefore, it is currently negotiating with foreign shipping companies to receive some of its goods by postponing issuance.

It is reported that recently, ship companies such as HMM, Zhongyuan, Seacon Shipping, Far Shipping have been affected by delay of exemption certificate issuance.

Syed Mohammad Arif, Chairman of the Bangladesh Navigation Agency Association, said he received a complaint from many members of the association saying that they did not get a proof of exemption in time. He said, "I will submit this issue to the senior management of the Ministry of Shipping."

BOGSOA Chairman Azam J Chowdhury admitted that the ship was delayed and stated that the association would cooperate with the Marine Bureau to find a way to speed up this process. logistics

Captain SABBIR MAHMOOD, the main official of the Maritime Bureau, said that he would not let Bogsoa delay issuing exemption certificates.

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