Dafei acquired an old shipping company!

It is reported that Dafei Group has announced exclusive negotiations with the top European Logistics Group STEF Group to acquire 100%equity of La Méridionale, a headquarters of freight and passenger transportation, which is headquartered in Marseille.

In the statement, Da Fei stated that after conducting information exchanges and consulting with employee representative agencies and the authorization of various competition management agencies, the final finalization of the transaction depends on the signing of the equity transfer agreement.

Through this acquisition, Dafei hopes to continue to develop in the Mediterranean region, while strengthening the status of Marseille and French shipping industry.

According to the statement, Dafei plans to reverse La Méridionale's decline and restore its growth prospect. To this end, Dafei will support its development by creating commercial complementarity in France and internationally, especially in Morocco's rolling ship service, while retaining the work of French crew members on the ship. Da Fei will also invest in the shipping company and energy transformation of the shipping company.

Da Fei said that with the help of Marseille's professional management team, new shareholders will be committed to retaining the characteristics of La Méridionale, strengthening the quality of service for customers in Kosajia and Moroccan routes, while respecting the spirit of passenger service for La Méridionale successfully.

It is understood that La Méricionale was founded in 1931. Under the public service franchise rights, it operates daily freight and passenger services between Coscaja Island and mainland France. There are as many as 13 flights a week. The shipping company also opened regular service routes between Marseille and Morocco.

In addition to ferry services, La Méricionale also provides logistics and freight services, including refrigerated transportation of easy -to -rot goods. The company's fleet includes four Ropax (Ropax): PELAGOS, Kalliste number, Piana number and Girolata. More than 209,000 passengers and 94,000 cars were transported in 2022. There are nearly 600 employees, including 490 crew members.

The shipping company is also committed to sustainable development and reduced the impact on the environment. Many measures to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency have been implemented, including the use of low sulfur fuel, shore electricity (cold iron Ironing), and installation energy -saving equipment on board on board Essence

Since its establishment, Marseille and the Mediterranean have been the development center of Dafei. The company has adopted major measures to contribute to the economic vitality of the region, strengthen its attractiveness and attract new talents. The acquisition of La Méridionale, a shipping company connecting Marseille, Coskijia and the Mediterranean, is part of the ambition to strengthen its core regional business.

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