This shipyard gets two more methanol power bulk cargo orders


Japan's evergreen ship has won two more methanol dual fuel bulk cargo construction contracts.

On February 14th, Changshi Ship announced that it received the first TESS66 Aeroline bulk carrier order for the first methanol heavy oil dual fuel. It is expected that the new ship will be completed in 2025. Changshi Shipbuilding did not disclose specific information such as shipowners and ship prices.

The new ship is 200 meters in length, 32.25 meters wide, 19.15 meters deep, 81,500 cubic meters of cargo compartment, and 3.8 meters of water. It will be equipped with MAN B & W 6G50Me-C9.6-LGIM engines manufactured by Mitsui E & S Machinery Company.

In order to improve the practicality of methanol fuel, a large -capacity methanol fuel storage tank will be installed on the stern deck to ensure the safety and convenience of cargo loading and unloading. Compared with heavy oil fuel, methanol fuel can reduce nitrogen oxides (NOX), 99%of sulfur oxides (SOX) and 10%carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, green methanol is still a carbon neutral fuel, which helps reduce the impact on the environment.

It is understood that TESS66 Aeroline is a new ship design independently developed by Changshi Shipbuilding, which meets the requirements of the third stage of the ship's energy efficiency design index (EEDI). This type of boat uses the original Aeroline technology of Changshi Shipbuilding, which reduces about 20%wind resistance through the streamlined design of the head of the ship and the residential cabin. After improved, under all conditions, high fuel efficiency can be achieved from shallow water to full -loaded water. logistics

This is the second order of methanol power bulk ships obtained by Changshi Shipbuilding. In January of this year, CARGILL, a commodity trade giant, and the Japanese trading company Mitsui Mitsui produced two KamsarMax type 82,000 tons of load -toned loose ships in the Idoshi ship. Essence The new ship is planned to be delivered in the first quarter of 2026 and will sign a long -term rental contract with Mitsui Property.

Nobita Okura Koisheng, president of Changshi Shipbuilding, said: "Following the Kamsarma -type boat, TESS66 Aeroline bulk cargo also realizes the use of methanol fuel, allowing us to provide the main type of bulk carrier ships with methanol power. The actual application is to become the leader in the field of environmental protection. "

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