Trouble! The train hit the 18 -wheeled truck derailment, and a large number of toxic chemicals leaked

Ohio "Poisonous Clouds"!

On the evening of February 3, a train carrying toxic chemicals was derailed in eastern Ohio, causing a fire. The local emergency department conducted a "controlled release" operation of the toxic gas on the vehicle on the 6th, causing residents to emergency evacuation due to a fatal gas threat within a few kilometers of square kilometers. The Australian News Network reported on the 13th that the problem of toxic gases caused by this incident has led to poisoning symptoms such as cough, diarrhea, tears, and appetite without appetite. logistics

There were about 50 cars in the cargo trains. On the evening of the 3rd, the small town of East Palestine in the town near Pennsylvania in eastern Ohio was derailed, causing a fire. According to the operator Norfolk South Company, 10 cars were equipped with toxic chemicals. The staff found that 5 of them were stopped to compress the compressed chlorine compression device on the 5th. , Show the risk of explosion.

On the 6th, in order to avoid catastrophic consequences, Norfolk South Company decided to perform the so -called "controlled release" operation of the above 5 cars, and drained the chloride chloride into a preparation tunnel. The "controlled release" operation began that afternoon. Video shot by local media showed that fire appeared on the scene, and the black smoke columns rose upwards.

Ethyl chloride is a colorless flames and carcinogenic. After the burn of ethyl chloride explosion produces light and hydrogen chloride, it is also a toxic gase. According to the Associated Press, light can cause vomiting and breathing difficulties, and used as chemical weapons during World War I.

After the train was derailed, East Palestine entered an emergency, and about 4,800 residents had already evacuated. After the so -called "controlled release" decision, the local government expanded the scope of evacuation to residents within the scope of the incident 1.6 kilometers to 3.2 kilometers.

Press conference site

The reporter was arrested roughly

On the 8th, the local government held a press conference on the accident. At the press conference, a reporter was interrupted by the police during a live broadcast report, and then the police arrested it roughly. It was released after 5 hours of detaining it. The reporter said that he was arrested because he was broadcasting at the time, telling the people that the facts they should know. train shipping

Symptoms of poisoning in the evacuation area

According to the Australian News Network on the 13th, a farmer owner in the evacuation area said that some animals in its farms had symptoms such as cough, diarrhea, tears, and appetite without appetite. The farmer said that the local people have been told that air is safe, but this is not the case. According to the United States Colombia Broadcasting Corporation, fish deaths have been found in rivers nearby, causing concern to the public.

Some residents have physical discomfort, and the government responds to dissatisfaction

On the 6th, the local residents were forced to evacuate after the staff performed the so -called "controlled release" operation of toxic gases. On the 9th, residents were told that they could return their residence. Although the relevant departments emphasized that they did not cause pollution, according to the United States' "Weapon of the Washington Post", some residents had symptoms such as headache and nausea after returning to their residences, and the response measures of the government departments also worried the public.

After the evacuation order, although government officials have repeatedly told residents to local air quality and safety and water supply is not contaminated, dead fish appears in nearby streams. In addition, according to the Washington Post, local residents described that there has been a pungent smell similar to tire burnt or nail oil washing water near their residences. There are also obvious discomforts and even a burning sensation.

In addition to physiological discomfort, the response measures of relevant departments also worried and dissatisfied with some residents.

The first is the unfair and transparent information. At present, neither the National Transport Safety Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency have not provided the complete list of train carrier items, but only provided some lists of "chemicals that have the most serious impact on residential areas". freight cost

Secondly, the monitoring data is inaccurate. According to the point of view of the Washington Post quoted relevant persons, although the handheld detectors used by the Environmental Protection Agency to measure the local air data are easy to use, they lack the necessary sensitivity and cannot complete the risk.

The toxic gas chlorine, which is mainly released this time, is a colorless flame gas and is carcinogenic. Faced with the unknown risks brought by the leakage of chemicals, some residents chose to leave the countryside again to avoid the affected loved ones, especially the elderly and children at home, and then consider returning after waiting for the situation to be clearer. Another residents chose to initiate a lawsuit to the freight railway company, and required compensation and medical monitoring for toxic substances, forced evacuation and emotional distress.

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