Sudden! Two episodes collided, ships and containers were severely damaged

It is reported that on the morning of February 11, two container vessels had a serious impact in the leader in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In the accident, a ship was a container ship "WAN HAI 288" under the Taiwan Shipping Company Wanhai Shipping. This is also the second collision accident in the nearly two weeks of the container ship owned by Wanhai (emergency! Two episodes of boxing ships collided in the port channel, damaged and stranded).

Another container ship is the "Resurgence" wheel with a capacity of 915teu. It was built in 2002. The ship management company is Kotoku Kaiun Co LTD.

It is reported that when the incident, the container ship "Resurgence" was on the backstream, and the container ship "WAN HAI 288" left from the port of Ho Chi Minh City to Kaohsiung Port. freight rates

The head of the "Resurgence" hit the side side of the "WAN HAI 288", which caused severe damage to the deck area of "WAN HAI 288". Severe damage.

The "Resurgence" ship was also seriously damaged, but it was still available to stay at the Ho Chi Minh container terminal around 9:30 am.

Judging from the ship's trails, it was originally passed from the side side, but the "Resurgence" suddenly turned at the side side of the side and hit the front area of the "WAN HAI 288".

It is reported that the container ship "WAN HAI 288" was equipped with about 1,383 containers at the time, and the "ResurgeEnce" was loaded with more than 600 containers. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the two ships and some containers were severely damaged. The accident did not cause any oil leakage.

A representative of the Ho Chi Minh Maritime Bureau said on the 11th that the "RESURGENCE" has been transferred to Cat Lai New Port. However, due to the shallow waters of the incident, the "WAN HAI 288" is still near the river bank and cannot move. Wait (11th) to enter Hong Kong in the afternoon. According to the data of the shipwreck, the ship has returned to Cat Lai, Ho Chi Minh City.

It is understood that the container ship "WAN HAI 288" serves the JSV service of the Kansai-Vietnam route of Wanhai Japan-Vietnam. The voyage executes S018/N019 at the time of the incident. According to the original shipping period, the port of the ship next to it includes Kaohsiung Port in my country, Taichung Port and Taipei Port. The cockpit company may involve Wanhai and HMM.

According to Da Shipping During the data, the container ship "ResurgeEnce" serves Haifeng International CMI2 route, with the execution of 2303N/2302S, which is still berth in Ho Chi Minh.

Here we remind that if there is a cargo -owned cargo company carrying these ships, communicate with the shipping company in time to understand the latest status of ships and goods and subsequent shipping arrangements.

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