European line freight fell below the $ 1,000 mark! Shipping company warning: market or new price war

Since the beginning of this year, the SCFI index has fallen more than 80 % from the highest point in early 2022. The shipping industry bluntly stated that unless the shipping company has adjusted its capacity sharply, the freight price war continues, and the risk of the two major main routes such as the United States and West and Europe has increased the risk of the profit and loss line.

Both orders from Europe and the United States and the mainland resumption are not as good as expected. According to the latest data on February 3, the SCFI index continued to fall by 2.22 % to 1006.89 points. The European and American routes continued to fall by 2 % -5 %. Shanghai to European routes had lost 1,000 US dollars.

Shanghai Port Export to Basic Port Market freight rates (shipping and shipping surcharges) is 961 US dollars/TEU, a decrease of 5.23 %; Shanghai -Mediterranean freight is $ 1754/Teu, a decrease of 3.41 %; the freight from Shanghai to West is 1363 USD/Feu, a decrease of 2.8 %; the freight from Shanghai to East is US $ 2706/Feu, a decrease of 2.77 %.

It is reported that the Taiwan shipping industry held the New Year group New Year's New Year's Eve on February 1, and the container Shuangxiong simultaneously looked at the market. Among them, Zhang Yanyi, chairman of Evergreen Sea Transport, warned that as a large number of new large container ships began to be delivered this year, if the consumption could not keep up with capacity, the Bander operator may once again see the sea transport price war.

It is understood that Evergreen currently has 49 ships under construction, with a total capacity of 463,442teu. In addition, MSC has a maximum order volume, with 133 ships under construction, with a total capacity of more than 1.8 million TEUs, followed by COSCO Shipping (884,272teu) and Dafei Run Ship (816,476teu).

Zhang Yanyi said at the event: "After two years of amazing profits in the wheel industry, they faced three major challenges this year. One is the slowdown in international trade and world economic growth; the second is the decline in container freight; Many new shipbuilding this year is laid off. "

Zhang Yanyi said: "If the economy cannot keep up with the growth of shipping power supply, the trainer may start a price war, which is the most unfortunate situation for our industry, unless we can significantly adjust the capacity." If the freight price war continues to continue It may be difficult to escape the risks of the profit of cross -Pacific, Asia and Europe, and other important routes. Even small shipping companies may suffer losses.

"If the Russian conflict is over, it is expected to relieve inflation and energy crisis and stimulate the market to return to normal consumption, which is the most important for the shipping industry." Zhang Yanyi added.

However, Zheng Zhenmao, chairman of Yangming Shipping, pointed out that from the perspective of the overall economy, many data have developed in a good direction, including IMF slightly raising the global economic growth forecast this year; the European economy has no expectations, and the economic recession in Germany in the fourth quarter of Germany is only in the fourth quarter of economic recession in Germany. 0.2 %; the economy is fighting for the economy after unblocking the mainland. Although the current pier is not large, it still takes time to observe the effect; middle.

Zheng Zhenmao emphasized that even if he did not see the strong signs of economic recovery, he felt that the market panic was decreasing. If the overall economic environment continues to improve, consumer demand will rise, and the market conditions of the shipping market will increase the opportunity to improve in the first half of the year.

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