Another large container ship in MSC is stranded! Interrupt sailing! The ship delay!

There was a wave of flat, and waves rose again. Recently, various accidents related to shipping have been constantly, and another MSC large container ship is stranded ...

According to the latest foreign media reports, around 20:00 on January 31st local time, MSC's large container ship "MSC Faith" of 14,336teu was stranded in the Singapore Strait. It is reported that the ship left Singapore shortly at the time and was ready to go to Yantian, China.

It is understood that the accident container ship "MSC FAITH", IMO: 9842085, built in 2019, can be loaded with 14,336Tue and hangs the Libiria flag.

After the ship hung Yantian, the MSC will be adjusted and deployed and deployed at the Africa Express route in Africa. There are ports such as Tianjin, Ningbo, Shanghai, Nansha, Shekou and other ports in China.

According to the latest ship dynamic data, as of 16:00 on February 1st, the ship is still in the same position, and the trailer is rescue it. The accident may affect the subsequent shipping period. Please ask the ship company for details.

"MSC FAITH" real -time ship positioning query

Here, if there is a main cargo company carrying the ship, pay attention to the dynamics of the ship in time, maintain communication with the shipping company, and understand the latest dynamics of the ship and the delay of the subsequent shipping period!

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