ONE acquisitions for three US West container terminals

It is reported that ONE, a Japanese trains operator, is acquiring a controlling stake in the three container docks in the United States and Western to promote its investment strategy. The company said that the right to acquire the dock from its Japanese parent company is part of its growth strategy and will ensure the pier capacity of key and strategic portals.

According to the final agreement that has been signed, ONE will acquire 51%of the TRAPAC LLC (Trapac) and Yusen Terminals LLC (YTI), which are currently held by its parent company Malbok Mitsui (NYK).

ONE said that the acquisition was part of the container transportation business of the parent company to one. The completion of these transactions requires approval by relevant departments.

ONE said: "The supply chain interruption caused by the recent epidemic highlights the importance of the container terminal in maintaining global trade. The newly acquired container terminal will ensure that One obtains the pier capacity on key and strategic portals and support its ambitions. And enhance the services it provided to customers. "


It is understood that TRAPAC is a container terminal operator and ship loading and unloading company. It was established and established by the merchant ship Mitsui in 1985. It operates a container terminal in the port of Los Angeles and the Port of Auckland and provides ship loading and unloading services. YTI has been serving container terminals in the port of Los Angeles since 1991. It is currently owned by Japanese postal ships and Macquarie Infrastic Partners.

According to Alphaliner data, ONE is the seventh largest container transportation company in the world with a market share of 5.8%. ONE's CEO Jeremy Nixon has formulated strategies for the company earlier this year, pointing out that they are passing the growth stage and entering the stage of independent investment decision -making. He outlined an active growth plan in March 2022, saying that he would invest $ 20 billion in 2030, and most of them were used for dock investment. freight

Through the acquisition, One has joined the ranks of larger competitors, and these competitors have been expanding the ownership of the dock. In January of this year, Dafei completed the acquisition of the FENIX Marine Services container terminal of Los Angeles. This is one of the largest facilities in similar facilities in the United States.

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