$ 20,000 stolen! The theft of a container ship in MSC!

A few days ago, a letter from the Ukrainian seafarers received by the Ukrainian Maritime News Media "Sea News" showed that he described a theft of a theft on the container ship "MSC BRUNELLA" a few weeks ago in the letter.

According to the letter, someone on the boat was obviously a crew on board, secretly sneaked into 7 cabins and stole all the cash he could find, totaling about $ 20,000.

The theft itself is outrageous, and the MSC's disposal method is also very outrageous.

It is reported that MSC did not report to the matter, so the police would not conduct appropriate criminal investigations on the incident. MSC said that the company had understood and investigated the matter, and the result was that theft was not found. In addition, according to the crew providing information, MSC did not compensate the relevant losses of the stolen seafarers. maritme

Obviously, the thief is among the crew. Because the stealing person is not rope, it is easy to exacerbate the suspicion and tension between the crew members, which may affect the safety of navigation. Some media commented that this is purely a criminal case, but the MSC's refusal to make the police involved in the right.

According to data, the container ship "MSC BRUNELLA" is currently on the way from Manzani to Los Angeles, USA, and is expected to arrive on December 26 local time.

The container ship "MSC BRUNELLA", IMO number 9702106, 109832 tons, capacity of 8819 TEU, was built in 2015, hanging the Portuguese flag, and management company MSC.

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