The world's first pure electric Jianghai direct container ship opened in Yangzhou

On December 14th, the reporter learned from Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City that Zhongyuan Shipping, which was undertaken by Yangzhou Zhongyuan Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., developed two 700 international standard box units (TEU) electric container ships to hold the starting ceremony.

The China Shipping Club and the British Lou's Class Affairs have issued a battery promotion system AIP recognition certificate to the project. This is the first 700 international standard box unit (TEU) pure electric container ship built in my country. It is also the world's largest use of power battery capacity.

In recent years, under the guidance of the goal of "carbon -to -peak, carbon neutrality" at home and abroad, international maritime organizations have continuously launched new and new standards for safety and environmental protection. In addition, the development of information intelligent technology has continued to expand. As a heavy town of Jiangsu Shipbuilding Industry, Yangzhou actively conforms to environmental protection and intelligent development trends, increases innovation and breakthroughs, and develops green smart ships.

700TEU electric container ship is the active service of Yangzhou Zhongyuan Sea Transport and supporting major national strategies. It comprehensively implements the construction of ecological civilization and the decision -making deployment of "carbon peaks, carbon neutralization", and promotes the electrification of the Yangtze River trunk container transportation. Create a key project of green zero -carbon transportation demonstration.

The ship has a total length of 119.8 meters, a width of 23.6 meters, a battery capacity of 57600kWh, and a advanced power of 2 × 900 kilowatts. It is currently the world's largest battery capacity. The 36 ship container -type batteries that are convenient for replacement are used as power sources, and the power replacement strategy between multiple containers is the international first. The ship also uses intelligent technologies such as intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent assistance driving, and visual channel early warning to further enhance the safe driving capacity of the ship.

The ship is the world's first Jianghai Direct Direct Directly Design Pure Electric Ship type. Given that the state has not yet introduced lithium iron phosphate batteries as related technical regulations for the main power supply of the ship or the power source of the entire ship, it has communicated with the Chinese ship -level society. Shipping adopts a "equivalent design plan" and conducted a second round of expert review to lay a solid foundation for the smooth start of the 700TEU electric container ship. This also provides a basis for the application of real shipments for the formulation of lithium iron phosphate batteries as the main power supply of the ship or the entire ship's power source.

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