Both Wudang and Shaolin are here!

On December 15th, the second 174,000 cubic meters of large -scale LNG (LNG) transport ship "Wudang", the second 174,000 cubic meters of LNG natural gas (Group) Co., Ltd. under the China Shipbuilding Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. Completed and delivered in Shanghai. The ship is the sister ship of the first ship "Shaolin" named "Shaolin" named the project named on October 25 this year. The supply chain of my country's LNG energy industry chain is safe and adds to the "big country."


The "Wudang" and "Shaolin" are independently developed and designed by Shanghai East China, with a total length of 295 meters, 45 meters wide, 26.25 meters deep, and a speed of 19.5. "Wudang", the Route Class (LR) and China Class (CCS), "Shaolin", and the US Shipping Club.


The first ship "Shaolin" of the project has been loaded with a whole ship LNG from the port of Omancar Hart earlier this month, and returned to the China Petroleum Jiangsu LNG receiving station to send the "warmth" in the cold wave to the people of the Yangtze River Delta. The "Wudang" will be operated on the China -US route. The shipping of the ship will further enhance the capacity of the fleet and inject "new energy" into the Yangtze River Delta region and even the national winter confession.

It is understood that Hugong China is the only shipyard in the world that can build NO96 and Mark III. At present, the 1 -time report rate of LNG ship liquid cargo compartment built by Chinese -Dongzhong China exceeds 99.9%, and the average leakage point of the pyrine experiments is much lower than that of foreign shipyards, and the achievements of zero leakage points have been repeatedly achieved, showing the important one of the field of LNG ships in China. The style of the industry leader.

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