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The West took effect on the "price limit" of Russia's oil oil, and the "big blockbuster"! what happened!

The EU and the Seventh -way Group, etc., officially took effect on the 5th mechanism for the price limit mechanism for the Russian sea transport export crude oil. Sources said on the 6th that there was a tanker congestion in the Turkish waters. About 20 oil tankers were waiting for passing because Turkishin insisted that all ships were required to provide new insurance certificates. shipping freight

These tankers stay near the Bosptruce Strait and the Dadanier Strait. These two straits are an important channel connecting the Black Sea Port and the international market. According to a ship broker who did not want to disclose his name, the first oil tanker had been waiting after arriving on November 29. Reuters reports that the direct reason for the congestion of ships is that Turkey requires all ships to sail in its strait to provide new insurance certificates.

It is reported that the EU member states, the seven -way Group, and the Australian "price limit order" per barrel of $ 60 per barrel of the export of oil exports to Russia came into effect on the 5th. According to this price limit mechanism, if Russia sells crude oil to third -party countries higher than the upper limit, the EU and the Seventh -way Group will be banned from providing insurance, finance and other services for Russian crude oil transportation.

At present, the price of Russian crude oil carrying most of the tankers is about $ 67 and underwritten by Western companies. In the face of earthwork requirements, it is difficult for them to provide new insurance proof in a short time.

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Novak said on the 6th that in view of the uncertain situation, Russia does not rule out reducing oil output under the necessary circumstances. He also said that Russia does not accept human -oriented and non -market methods to implement price limit on Russia's oil, which will only lead to the decline in investment in this industry in the future and the shortage of energy, which in turn has pushed oil prices.

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