Is it hidden here? Intersection Three people were found to be 2700 nautical miles with the ship ...

According to foreign media reports, on Monday, when a oil tanker arrived in the Ghana Islands in Spain, he found that three crowders were sitting on the rudder of the tanker. When the people on board found them, they were sent to a local hospital, and the local immigration service department emphasized that this was not the first case of immigration attempts to danger.

The Spanish maritime rescue service agency Salvamento Maritimo reported that it was believed that three Nigerian citizens were discovered on a tanker that the tanker arrived in Lasparma, the capital of Greater Kagana. Danaia is one of the Spanish Kanali Islands located in northwestern Africa.

The 51,000 -toned tin oil rotor "Alithini II" started about 2,700 nautical miles in Logis in Nigeria on November 17, local time. The tanker registered in Malta has sailed at sea for 11 days.

According to reports, the agency's patrol boat "Salvamar Nunki" was conducting a routine patrol. At that time, the crew found that the three immigrants were sitting on the edge of the rudder and immediately reported to the patrol boat for inspection. The report shows that the three men are less than two feet (0.6 meters) from the water surface. logistics

They received emergency medical treatment on the dock. According to local media reports, they seem to have symptoms of dehydration and low body temperature. They were then sent to two local hospitals to continue treatment.

Organization of the European immigration crisis emphasized that this is a continuous situation. Thousands of people fled North Africa and West Africa, and most of them were trying to cross the Mediterranean. Some people are trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean from West Africa. The Spanish Ministry of the Interior estimates that nearly 12,000 people will arrive in these islands in 2022, most of which are taking boats.

TXEMA Santana, a government immigration consultant of the Garna Islands, forwarded the picture of the incident released by the authorities and wrote: "This is not the first, nor will it be the last. The smugglers are not always lucky."

The local media of the Canary Islands reported at least two of the recent crushing cases that had occurred, and these cases also involved smuggles found on merchant ships from Nigerialogs.

In October 2020, they reported that three immigrants were also found on the rudder of the oil tanker who arrived in the Ghana Islands in Spain. One month before that, when the Spanish authorities arrived in Las Palmas to stop at a Norwegian tanker, they found another four immigrants on the rudder.

The Spanish side provided them with medical treatment, but ordered the tanker to transfer the crowders to the Norwegian authorities.

TXEMA Santana, a government immigration consultant of the Garna Islands, told the Associated Press that in most cases, the expenses returned by immigrants were borne by the shipping company.

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