The shipping price of the United States West has dropped more than 20%in 30 days, to $ 1632/Feu!

Affected by factors such as sluggish economic prospects and serious inflation, market consumption and transportation demand is small, and the freight rate of main routes continues to be in a downward channel.

The comprehensive freight freight index of Shanghai export container released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange showed that as of November 11, the index was 1443.29 points, a drop of 8.6%from a week ago, and a decrease of 20.5%from a month ago.

Among them, Shanghai Port was exported to the market price of the Basic Port of the United States and East, and the shipping price of the Basic Port (shipping and shipping), which were $ 1632/Feu and $ 4223/Feu, respectively. Falling 22.2%and 27.4%, respectively.

Analysts of the Shanghai Shipping Exchange said that due to the continuous policies of the Federal Reserve to control inflation, the US economic performance has continued to decline in the near future, and future growth prospects are facing a severe situation. The volume of goods cross -Pacific routes continues to weaken, the fundamentals of supply and demand are not good, and the market freight rates continue to decline.

Recently, European economic conditions are not optimistic, and many manufacturing data is lower than the glory line. At the same time, due to the continued Russian conflict, the energy prices were at a high level, the level of inflation was high, and the economic prospects were not optimistic.

On November 11, Shanghai Port exported to the European Basic Port Market freight rates (shipping and shipping surcharges) was $ 1478/Teu, a down 16.2%from a week ago. Shanghai Port Export to the Mediterranean Basic Port Market freight rate (sea transport and shipping surcharges) is 2061 US dollars/Teu, a 7.2%decrease from a week ago.

In order to balance the supply and demand relationship, the liner company has also continued to increase the suspension of major routes.

The latest data released by Sea-Intelligence, a well-known consulting agency in the industry, shows that the shutdown measures of the cross-Pacific routes have increased significantly in the 42nd to 52nd week of this year's 42nd to 52nd week this year.

Data show that 34 blank voyages have been added to the west coast of North America, and 16 blank voyages have been added from Asia to the east coast of North America.

The main routes of the main routes from the 42nd to the 52th week of this year

It is worth noting that from the 42nd to 52nd weeks of this year, in the short-term suspension plan on Asia to the west coast of North America, the liner company increased 7-11 blank voyages each in 5 weeks, but in the 51st and 52nd, 51st and 52nd On the week, the liner company did not increase the blank voyage.

Alab Murphy, chief executive officer of Sea Intelligence, said: "This reflects that the liner company is still hesitant when dealing with the peak transportation season that may appear before the Lunar New Year. Holding a wait -and -see attitude. "

On the other hand, the suspension of voyage has not increased significantly in the Asian -Europe route market. The Asian-Nordic route has only added 6 blank voyages, and the Asian-Mediterranean route has added 4 blank voyages.

However, before the SEA Intelligence analyzed, although the proportion of the total market capacity of the shutdown transportation was higher than that of 2019, the current capacity of the current capacity was too large, even if the cross-term route was reduced by 26%-31%of the capacity, the Asian-Europe route decreased by 19% -27%of the capacity, the overall capacity of the market is still high, and the excess capacity will still affect the market.

Some analysts believe that the adjustment of the capacity of cross -Pacific market is still "too small and the movement is too slow." From now on, the liner company needs to follow a "very delicate" capacity balance strategy.

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