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Lazada will celebrate its 10th anniversary on March 27. For lazada, this is a grand and memorable birthday party; For consumers, this promotion will be an epic shopping feast; For businesses, the sales peak is not to be missed. I believe that most of the settled sellers are ready to meet the big promotion. Of course, there are also some waiting-and-see partners. Today, let's take the unsettled sellers to learn about the shopping habits of consumers in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian countries have their own cultural and regional characteristics. What are the main e-commerce shopping habits of local consumers

According to HKTDC research data, "convenience" is the primary reason for consumers' online shopping, and 73% of consumers say that "shopping anytime and anywhere" is their main motivation for online shopping. Closely followed, 69% of consumers said that "easy price comparison" was the main consideration of their shopping, which reflected that price was still the main consideration of middle-income consumers. sea shipping freight

Among them, 61% of consumers believe that "online shopping can read the buyer's comments on products". 58% of consumers said they could "find cheap deals" when shopping online. "More kinds of products" is also widely regarded as the decisive factor to promote online shopping. More than half (55%) of consumers believe that online shopping websites "provide more kinds of products than traditional stores" is an important reason for their preference for online shopping.

1、 High quality and low price products are needed by customers in Southeast Asia

Although the economic development of Southeast Asian countries has been good and fast in recent years, the comprehensive economic level and overall consumption level still need to be improved; At present, the consumption level of most consumers is still relatively low. They prefer to choose some FMCG with low price. After all, the cost of trial and error is low. sea shipping freight

At the same time, Southeast Asian consumers are worried about the developing and immature e-commerce industry, such as their fear of fake goods, loss of parts, poor service and so on. In a word, what customers in Southeast Asia need is high-quality and low-cost products.

2、 Mobile terminal is an increasingly important source of traffic

Southeast Asian countries have invested heavily in the construction of network infrastructure, Internet penetration has risen, and the rise of mobile e-commerce in Southeast Asia is irresistible. Research shows that at the beginning of 2020, mobile traffic in Southeast Asia accounted for more than 70% of all e-commerce traffic.

Among them, the country with the highest proportion of mobile traffic is Indonesia, up to 87%. In addition, Southeast Asians spend an average of 3.6 hours a day using the mobile Internet, which is the highest in the world. Therefore, how to attract consumers with multiple patterns on the mobile terminal is the key to obtain consumers' attention.

3、 Diversification of payment methods

According to statistics in 2019, credit card penetration in Southeast Asia (excluding Singapore) is low, e-commerce payment faces many challenges, and payment schemes are diversified. In Vietnam and the Philippines, more than 80% of e-commerce companies provide cash on delivery services. Bank transfers are popular in Indonesia (94%), Vietnam (86%) and Thailand (79%).

In Thailand and Vietnam, nearly 50% of businesses provide offline outlets. Installment payments are very popular and increasingly popular in Vietnam (47%) and Indonesia (42%). Enterprises that want to enter the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia need to know more about payment methods and be psychologically prepared. sea shipping freight

4、 I like shopping during working hours

According to 2019 statistics, Southeast Asia has the largest number of E-Commerce orders between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., indicating that shoppers in the region are likely to shop during working hours.

In addition, Southeast Asians are more likely to shop on weekdays. Because the survey shows that the traffic is the highest on weekends, which indicates that consumers may browse e-commerce websites and products on weekends, but make purchases on weekdays;

5、 Multi channel shopping and careful calculation

In Southeast Asia, multi-channel shopping decisions of independent stations, social media distribution and online and offline integration are deeply penetrating into local life. For example, for products with high value and high trial and error cost, consumers often search online first, then compare offline, and then choose a way to shop after comparison.

Similarly, they are all online, and consumers have rich platforms and forms to choose. Generally speaking, consumers will choose the most favorable way to shop;

6、 The number of middle-class people has increased and consumption has upgraded

The rise of the new middle class is the "phenomenal" result of the economic development of Southeast Asia. The number of middle class in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries is expected to increase significantly in the next few years. As the country's high consumption power groups, they are undoubtedly the mainstay of e-commerce and even overall retail. sea shipping freight

In the selection process, it is important to understand the shopping habits of local consumers. Sellers can learn more about it before layout~

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