Factory second generation post-95 Girls bring goods live in Indonesian


Henan "factory second generation", in order to continue the business of its parents, is determined to transform from traditional foreign trade, take customers around the factory with VR, and sell domestic machinery and equipment to Africa; The post-95 Chinese girls who changed from teaching and training to cross-border were broadcast live in Indonesian on tiktok to bring goods for Chinese businesses to enter the Indonesian market.

Undoubtedly, Chinese sellers are striving to seize the unlimited business opportunities in the small language market through various channels and methods.

In the cross-border market dominated by English for a long time, although the market demand for small languages has existed for a long time, the rigid demand attribute is less than that of the English market. Naturally, the attention of harvest is far less than that of mature developed markets. However, when the blowout development of cross-border e-commerce market continues to sail to the Red Sea, although the development of small language e-commerce market seems tepid, it has become a new sea target for cross-border sellers. logistics

In recent years, a number of e-commerce platforms in emerging markets have been frequently exposed in front of the stage, pouring into China to attract merchants, which has also made more and more cross-border sellers pay attention to new business opportunities outside the old cross-border markets in Europe and America. At the same time, a group of early explorers have also tasted the sweetness in some emerging markets. As far as Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, as far as the Middle East and North Africa, there are Chinese sellers and Chinese brands.

With the continuous import of commodities, light industrial products such as consumer electronics, beauty makeup, small household appliances, textiles and clothing produced in China have reached the top of the category in the blue ocean e-commerce market with the advantages of high quality and high cost performance. From domestic beauty brands such as perfect day and huaxizi to the best-selling list of beauty in Southeast Asia, to domestic high-quality wigs exported to Africa, known as "black gold in Africa", Chinese goods are showing a trend of full category coverage in emerging markets.

Weak e-commerce competition and low-cost traffic channels make emerging markets contain huge e-commerce potential. However, due to the low market maturity; Country specific languages; The imperfection of logistics, payment and other supporting facilities and the variability of policies and regulations have also hindered many export sellers. Although enterprises with technology, capital and supply chain advantages can obtain good development opportunities in these emerging markets, they still need long-term cultivation.

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