What platforms can individual sellers enter?


Recently, express is undergoing a large-scale adjustment. Many clothing category businesses said they were forced to return by the platform.

In fact, not only express, but also many e-commerce platforms have the action of "clearing the seller". The reason is to eliminate the fittest for existing businesses and improve the threshold for businesses to enter, so as to improve the overall quality of businesses and bring better consumption experience to consumers. sea freight

Once the "simple and rough" distribution mode encountered resistance. In the face of homogeneous competition, the platform traffic dividend gradually disappeared, and the situation that you can't pay without throwing money also made sellers sigh frequently.

Take Amazon, the mainstream platform, for example. Amazon continues to introduce policies, such as the selfless title policy. On the one hand, it is conducive to the revenue generation of Amazon's advertising business; On the other hand, it wants sellers to return to the product value itself. Amazon also expects the platform to move from "high-speed development" to "high-quality growth".

Sellers have found a way to make profits in the turmoil - looking for some long-term development paths in brand direction and refined operation is an important way for cross-border e-commerce to achieve differentiated breakthrough.

For most small and medium-sized sellers, choosing local platforms in small languages with relatively less competitive pressure will be the current scheme. Aiming at segmenting the target market, digging deep into user needs and pain points to develop products and build their own brand, the road from distribution to high-quality products is not far away.

Market segmentation is the development trend in the future

Take advantage of the platform to select the right subdivision track and intensive cultivation. According to the data of moebel 24, a vertical platform for home gardening in Germany, Gmv (total commodity transactions) was 45 million euros in 2021 and is expected to reach 90 million euros in 2022. Since 2020, Gmv has increased nearly tenfold. High quality sellers in the European market can learn about the small competitive dark horse platform.  sea freight

In addition to market segmentation, brand building is also a road. However, it takes time to polish the brand, which can not be completed overnight. At this time, the local high-quality platform with low threshold and small competition has become the choice of small and medium-sized sellers.

Due to the large gap in customs and consumption habits between EU countries, the active scope of most e-commerce platforms in Europe is limited to surrounding countries or even only to their own countries. For example, although the products of e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay can be sold across Europe, it is difficult to maintain their advantages in countries such as France and Germany and will be subordinate to local e-commerce.

How does France Lotte help sellers issue orders?

Lotte is the top three local platform in France. Individuals and enterprises can settle in, and the platform can pay VAT. For small and medium-sized sellers, the trial and error cost is low.

French Lotte has a good reputation among local consumers in France. Through Lotte Club R, buyers can get up to 20% of the platform points of their consumption amount every time they shop on the platform, which can be deducted with the electronic currency of the following consumption, so as to continue to drain the platform sellers in this way.

In addition, the "club r everywhere" program launched by Lotte, France, can enter other platforms for consumption through Lotte interface. Consumers can obtain super points issued by Lotte e-commerce platform, stimulate loyal members to return to the platform continuously and make a positive cycle, and finally help sellers improve their turnover. The more consumption, the higher customer stickiness. sea freight

France Lotte also promised not to do self operated stores and give 100% of all traffic on the platform to sellers. The more you know about this platform, the more you can find it is a treasure.

Lock in the French Le antenna Summit on April 14 to gain insight into the European cross-border market. The selection and operation problems that sellers are concerned about and whether they should open an EU company can be answered here.

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