A large inventory of Amazon's products during the peak season at the end of the year!

Year-end wealth password sharing!
                                                                                A large inventory of Amazon's products during the peak season at the end of the year! Take you to play and make a big promotion!
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A large number of festivals in the second half of the year are coming towards you. Will you start to make money mode?

This year’s European end-summer promotions and back-to-school event promotion reports will be closed this week, while Black Friday and Net One’s event reports will be officially opened today!

If cross-border e-commerce sellers want to win in these big promotions, they must prepare well before the war!

In the next cross-border event, we will take stock of Amazon's peak season dark horse products for you! ,          Shipping from china to fba

1. Home products

The foreign epidemic is raging, and the Delta virus shows no signs of ending. According to reports, it is estimated that the epidemic will reach its peak in October!

This also shows that there will be a large number of people working from home again! By then, household products such as sweeping robots and air fryer will be very popular.

2. Pet supplies

Modern people should always have a pet in their hands? Don't underestimate the purchasing power of the pet family. Nowadays, people treat pets more favorably than children. ``shipping from china to fba

3. Party supplies

For foreign consumers, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas are occasions for gathering with friends. Even if the epidemic is raging, small-scale safe gatherings are essential. So party supplies such as party banners, balloons, gift bags, and decorations Products such as bands will be very popular!

4. Game equipment

Long-term home life has brought about not only changes in work styles, but also changes in entertainment methods. Therefore, game equipment is a hot product at the end of the year!

shipping from china to fba

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