The rise of British social e-commerce, the number of people shopping through TikTok surges by 553%

The rise of British social e-commerce, the number of people shopping through TikTok surges by 553%
The rise of British social e-commerce, the number of people shopping through TikTok surges by 553%(图1)
In order to study the impact of social platforms on e-commerce, user reviews and social commerce platform Bazaarvoice targeted

3272 British consumers in the Influenster community conducted a questionnaire. The results showed that social platforms are becoming more and more

Become a position where consumers discover and buy products.

During the epidemic, shopping through TikTok has gradually become a trend. The number of people who found products on TikTok and shopped soared by 553%, almost three times the increase of shopping on Instagram (189%) and Facebook (160%).

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The influence of social platforms on e-commerce is increasing. Compared with the previous year, more than three-quarters (79%) of consumers now find and shop on social platforms. Among them, Instagram is in a leading position in social commerce. Last year, 64% of Britons would make purchases through this platform, and Britons who used Facebook and TikTok for shopping accounted for 45% and 24%, respectively.

But in short video applications, considering only the percentage increase, TikTok is challenging Facebook's position as the number one short video. Last year, the number of people who found and made purchases on TikTok increased by 553%. Now this number is likely to continue to increase, because TikTok is testing in-app shopping in Europe.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok social platforms, another social platform worthy of attention is Pinterest. In the past year, Pinterest’s shopping volume has increased by 356%, second only to TikTok’s growth rate.

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Ed Hill, senior vice president of EMEA at Bazaarvoice, said in a statement: The epidemic has had a huge impact on social commerce. In the past year, consumers have spent more and more time on social applications, and it has become easier. Influenced by user-generated content, advertisements and product promotion and marketing, social commerce will promote the development of e-commerce.

Research shows that consumers are also more inclined to use social applications to browse and discover new products and new brands. 70% of consumers will use social media to buy new brands, and almost half (49%) said that due to the influence of social media , They will choose new brands instead of known old brands.

In addition, product relevance (47%) has gradually become the primary driving force for consumers to choose new brands through social media, followed by product benefits, functions or ingredients (41%), brand-generated visual content (27%), and Price (27%).

Various signs indicate that social e-commerce is developing strongly. Merchants can take advantage of this trend to deploy social platform marketing strategies, increase publicity, and create explosive products.

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