The performance of the Korean sea transportation has declined, but the profit is exceeded!

NO.1 Ningbo Zhoushan Port Sea Railway Union transportation business exceeds 1 million boxes

Ningbo Zhoushan Port has completed the operating volume of the container sea and iron joint transportation of 1004,000 standard boxes this year.

Zhejiang Harbor Group recently released news that as of August 11, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has completed a standard box for the container sea railway transportation business of 104,000, an increase of 8.6%year -on -year, which has achieved "millions of boxes" 19 days earlier last year.

At present, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has opened 24 sea -rail transportation trains, and its business radiates 16 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) across the country, covering 64 cities.

NO.2 Fedex will layoff at 5 stations

It is reported that Fedex plans to laid off at 5 stations in the next few months, which will affect 843 employees. Among them, the two layoffs involved Fedex's shipping center, which is promoting the network integration plan of its Express and GROUND business.

The company will close the affected sites in Colorado and Ohio and transfer some employees to the nearby position. The other three layoffs involved Fedex SUPPLY Chain, a subsidiary of Fedex, which provides third -party logistics services. The layoffs in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Indiana are because customers transfer their business to other logistics providers.

NO.3 Norden announced the second quarter financial results

Recently, Danish Shipowner DS Norden (referred to as Norden) announced the financial results in the second quarter of 2023. Data show that the company's revenue in the second quarter decreased by about one -third to 952 million US dollars, with a profit of US $ 108 million, which was lower than last year than last year than last year, which was lower than last year than last year. At the same period, US $ 179 million decreased by about 40%year -on -year.

CEO Jan Rindbo said: "Despite the weak market mood, the freight services of customers in the turbulent market ensure the profit margins of dry loose goods and tankers. In addition, through actively managing our investment portfolio High profit and ship sales income. "

NO.4 Australia Post launched the next day delivery service

Recently, Australian Post launched a new package delivery service called "Australia Post Metro" to provide online shopping for online shopping buyers in major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Australia Post stated that this service can meet customers' demand for flexibility, reliability and speed when ordering online. According to its survey, 78%of online buyers will give up online shopping when the expected delivery time is too long.

It is reported that Australia Post has simplified the background system to quickly identify orders for Metro services and cooperate with retailers to establish the Australian Post Metro service order distribution center to ensure that the goods can be delivered the next day. With the arrival of the holiday shopping season, this service is very important.

NO.5 Korean sea transportation performance declines but profit exceeding expectations

South Korea's SM Group's shipping subsidiary, Korean Sea Transport (KLC), released its financial report. In the first half of this year, it achieved operating income of 698.3 billion won (about 524 million US dollars), a decrease of 10%year -on -year; operating profit of 125.1 billion won (about 94 million US dollars ), A year -on -year decrease of 12%.

It is reported that the Korean Sea Transport is based on a stable business based on a special fleet with a stable and long -term contract with high -quality cargo owners, as well as investing in the operation of new LNG ships, and its operating profit has exceeded market expectations.

In the second quarter, the company's operating profit margin reached 19%, which was 2 percentage points higher than the market forecast value, and also exceeded the average annual operating profit margin of 17.7%and the annual average of 18.7%in 2021.

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