What does FAK said that FAK refers to? What are the characteristics?

01 What is FAK

FAK is Freight All Kinds abbreviation, translated as "various types of goods". It is the most common form of service in the freight forwarding industry, which represents the transportation of goods at a unified rate, and regardless of the type or characteristics of the specific cargo.

FAK service helps companies simplify the logistics transportation process, improve efficiency and reduce comprehensive costs. The freight forwarding company can obtain a higher volume to obtain a more competitive price based on the FAK protocol.

02 FAK's characteristics

Flexible operation: freight forwarding companies can transport different goods together, thereby greatly improving the loading rate and utilization rate of goods. It can better meet customer needs and provide more competitive prices.

Uniform rate: FAK service adopts a unified rate calculation method, regardless of the specific types or characteristics of the goods. This provides customers with convenience and transparency, reducing the complexity of cost negotiation and rate calculation.

Cost savings: By allowing multiple goods to share a transportation service and cost, the FAK service helps cargo companies to manage transportation costs more effectively.

Promoting sustainable development: FAK service can not only reduce the vacancy rate during transportation, but also help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development goals. This provides enterprises with more sustainable transportation options in international trade.

03 FAK's importance

Improve transportation efficiency: freight forwarding companies can quickly arrange cargo transportation and reduce the vacancy rate of containers. Not only does it improve the efficiency of logistics, shorten the transportation time, but also ensure that the goods reach the destination on time.

Reduce cost: By using FAK services, freight forwarding companies can achieve optimized cargo combinations, thereby reducing transportation costs.

Bidding advantage: FAK can also help freight forwarding companies get more competitive prices and increase market share.

Improve customer satisfaction: As FAK services can provide stronger prices and more efficient transportation solutions, freight forwarding companies can provide customers with a better service experience. This helps enhance customer loyalty and establish long -term cooperative relationships.

04 application field

Here are some common applications:

Retail industry: retailers usually need to from different products, including clothing, electronic products, household products, and so on. Using the FAK service can put these different types of products together to transport together, increase loading rates and reduce transportation costs.

Auto parts industry: Automotive manufacturers often need to transport various car parts such as engines, seats, tires, etc. Through FAK service, they can combine these components to transport together to achieve cost savings and more efficient supply chain management.

Food and beverage industry: Food and beverage vendors need to transport various types of ingredients, packaging materials and finished products. Use the FAK service to help them better manage the transportation of these goods and ensure safe and timely delivery.

05 Note

Although FAK has many benefits, there are things to pay attention to in use. for example:

Cargo portfolio management: combining different types of goods together requires cargo generation companies to have good category and management capabilities. It is very important to ensure that it does not interfere with each other during transportation or cause damage.

Compliance and legal requirements: When using FAK services, freight forwarding companies need to comply with relevant international trade laws and regulations. This includes compliance requirements for cargo classification, customs procedures, transportation certificates and other aspects.

Flexibility of customer demand: Although FAK service provides flexible cargo portfolios, freight forwarding companies still need to provide customized services according to the specific needs of customers. For some special types of goods, additional measures may be taken to cooperate with partners to meet customer needs.

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