The global e -commerce market has rebounded slightly, and this year may increase by 8.9%

NO.1 The United States imposed the dumping tax on tin -plated steel, and the upper tax to China is up to 122.5%

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently said that preliminary anti -dumping taxes will be levied on tin -plated steel imported from Canada, Germany, and China.

Officials from the US Department of Commerce said that manufacturers in Canada, Germany and China were found to sell tin -plated steel at the price lower than the domestic market, and the highest anti -dumping tax amount levied by China was due to the lack of cooperation in the investigation in major Chinese producers. As a result, it has led to an unfavorable ruling. sea freight

The U.S. Congress Members have stated in June that in addition to increasing costs, high -amount anti -dumping duties may also help Chinese canned food producers to export more products to the United States.

NO.2 Singapore's main export decreases by 20.2%

According to data released by the Singapore Enterprise Development Bureau, Singapore's non -Petroleum (NODX) domestic exports have contracted for the 10th consecutive month in July, down 20.2%, of which electronic products and non -electronic products have declined, followed by 15.6%in June by 15.6% After shrinkage 14.7%in May, it continued to decline in July.

EnterpriseSg said that in July, Nodx's cargo flights to the United States rose by 34.4%, but the flying to the European Union decreased by 38.6%, Taiwan fell by 36%, and China decreased by 20.1%. After Singapore decreased by 19.3%in June, total trade in July decreased by 20.8%year -on -year, and exports and imports fell by 18.4%and 23.4%, respectively. USA shipping

No.3 Malaysia's second quarter GDP growth slows down

According to the official data released by Malaysia on Friday, due to weak exports, the country's economic growth rate slowed down in the second quarter. GDP in the second quarter (GDP) increased by 2.9%over the same period last year, and the previous quarter increased by 5.6%. Calculated by quarter, GDP growth has increased from 0.9%to 1.5%.

In terms of demand, growth is attributed to the total amount of private final consumption expenditure and fixed capital formation. In the end, the growth rate of consumption expenditure slowed from 4.5%in the previous quarter to 4.2%. Private final consumption expenditure increased by 4.3%, and government expenditure increased by 3.8%. The total amount of fixed capital increased by 5.5%. In terms of foreign trade, data showed that exports fell by 9.4%in the second quarter and imports fell by 9.7%.

NO.4 The global e -commerce market will rebound slightly

Market research company Insider Intelligence predicts that global e -commerce sales will increase by 8.9%this year and will increase by 9.4%next year. In addition, the growth of global retail sales will remain around the number of digits. Although the global e -commerce market fell into a downturn last year, it has bottomed out and started to recover.

In 2022, global electricity sales increased by 6.5%year -on -year, and the slowest year since Insider Intelligence began to follow in 2011. Insider Intelligence predicts that the growth rate of the global e -commerce market will reach higher digits in the next few years, and it will rebound, but it will still be dwarfed compared with the 20%or higher annual growth rate of the previous decade.

NO.5 January to July July caused more than $ 1 billion in losses in US weather and climate disasters

As of July this year, the United States has suffered a record 15 weather and climate disasters, causing economic losses of more than $ 1 billion, which does not include the fatal wild fire that occurred in Hawaii this month (August).

This is the most disaster in the first seven months in the first seven months since the data record in 1980, including 13 strong storms, hail and tornado from March to June, as well as winter floods in California and the Northeast in February in February The cold current of the ministry.

Adam Smith, a scientist of the National Environmental Information Center, said at a media conference on a media conference that due to several floods in the United States recently, as well as the drought in the central and western regions and the fire of Mao Island in Hawaii, it may eventually exceed 2020 in 2023 It has become the most serious disaster for a record since it has a record. 22 weather and climate disasters occurred in 2020.

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