How should I prepare for the back school season?

Amazon's "Back to School Season" promotional activity is in full swing, and many of them are even sold out!


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A report of Statista shows that since 2016, the time point for consumers to return to campus is getting earlier and earlier. Although August is still a centralized procurement month for consumers to return to school season, Statista's latest survey shows that only 12% are 12% The interviewees plan to go shopping in September. shipping container

The recent survey results of the US Retail Federation (NRF) showed that most of the return of consumers in the school season in 2023 aimed at online platforms, of which Amazon was their primary goal. Therefore, sellers need to understand one or two things to return to school.


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· Different presentation of returning to the school season

Therefore, according to the "Wealth" report, consumer expenditure returning to school is expected to decline for the first time in 9 years. Even if Statista data shows that during the return of the school season, the average US family expenditure is about $ 890, and this optimistic prediction is difficult to make up for the pressure brought by inflation.

Most parents expect that the return of the school season in 2023 will spend much more than in 2022, but the range will not be too large. In 2022, the expected year -on -year expenditure of US electronics products almost doubled, but the year -on -year increase in 2023 is expected to be only 11%. More importantly, it is expected that American consumers' costume expenditures in 2023 will be less than 2022.

The gap between the amount of expenditure between categories is also expanding. Statista shows that as of 2022, people's planned expenditures on electronic products were almost two times that of school supplies, and now this data is 2.3 times.


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According to the CSA report, the interests of KPMV's interviewees in 2023 have greatly reduced their interest in luxury goods. The proportion of people planned to buy luxury goods was 37%, and the proportion of this crowd in 2022 was 53%.

In addition, 57%of parents are willing to accept cheaper brand products. Parents with tight budgets will focus on festival gift expenditure budgets. DIY and hobbies are also popular with parents. They will be more willing to make clothing and props by themselves, or look for school baked sale sets.

Naturally, cheap learning supplies are also essential. The fragrant signs and personalized pencils, with a large number of sets of self -sticking white boards and pens, are also more popular. FBA shipping

Here are more hot -selling products:

-Suopic makeup products: mask, nail polish, hair care supplies;

-On fitness supplies: yoga mats, fitness bands, water bottles;

-Electronic products and accessories: laptop computers, laptop computers;

-Game: Chessboard game, puzzle, video game;

-Pet supplies: camera, tracking, chewing toys, brushes;

-Shu: textbooks, inspirational books, children's books, e -books.

What should Amazon return to school season?

Although the Best Seller in the platform can be used as a reference, it is often full of products with low profits and high -saturated competition, and even some of the sales decline.

In order to avoid sales that are difficult to make profitable sales, selling users can refer to the corresponding product page and see what products consumers have bought for different platform information such as products, related product videos, brands and other platform information.

In addition, the seller can also check the schools in the area in advance and find their desire list to understand the other party's any supplies and resources on the Internet, and contact a school (such as a disposable cup) for some products in some products.

· 9 small Tips for the seller

1. Do not reduce the price too much, too early, premature inventory shortage will affect the product ranking, and cause the snowball effect on the overall sales;

2. Check the inventory level and analyze it, compare the data of slow -selling products and best -selling products, so as to determine which inventory of the repurchase;

3. Looking back at the hot -selling products returning to the school season in 2022, observe whether such trends can be used in 2023;

4. Be sure to focus on the natural traffic ranking. Use the URL and keywords of keyword positioning to find the product listing to the homepage. Do not use any black technology;

5. Check whether the listing information is accurate and related, including UPC code, keywords, descriptions, product pictures, etc. View consumer comments to determine any key information that may be missing in the product page and Q & A. Create variants for products with a variety of sizes and colors;

6. Improve the PPC advertising series and start the price, release the countdown of marketing activities and synchronize in social media channels;

7. Focus on PPC advertisements, sponsor advertisements for valuable products, promote advertisements for display -type promotion advertisements for any complementary products, and coupons used to improve clicks and natural rankings. If you can also optimize the processing A+content;

8. Understand the price elastic interval of each product and set discounts in the correct way. Products with higher prices can be marked with discount information into percentage forms (such as 30%). Products with lower prices can be marked as digital forms (such as $ 5 discounts);

9. View the ranking of the previous product sales ranking and price historical data, limited product early warning tips and cross -channel research.

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