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Amazon sellers should have heard of the "technology" of "Listing". In fact, renovation Listing is not the so -called black technology, nor is it a pitch to save Listing. It is just a small operation that uses the Amazon system BUG. How to renovate Amazon Listing? In the future, I will introduce the link renovation tutorial that everyone is most concerned about in the future, learn quickly!

Amazon Listing refurbishment principle

One asin can correspond to multiple SKUs, and a FNSKU corresponding to a SKU is the only one. The principle of renovation Listing is to replace the corresponding ASin corresponding to SKU to another ASIN and let it be available. Although ASIN was changed, the goods were still that goods, FNSKU unchanged.

The new listing ASIN is brand new. The traffic and comments are clear, and it has become a new product to regain the new product traffic support. After the renovation, FNSKU is consistent with the original, and the original inventory can still be sold.

Except for non -selling, flaws, damaged inventory cannot be refurbished, and links in other states can be renovated.

Listing type that needs to be renovated

1. Old products with unsatisfactory ranking and sales will need to be renovated. There are some listing very popular. Later, due to various reasons, the sales volume plummeted. Half dead, single -digit single -digit quantity, LD, BD, out -of -site push products are useless. Promoting this Listing is not as fast as promoting new products. Remove Listing to re -activate the "new product traffic support period" of the product.

2. There are many bad reviews in the product, and the star rating has seriously affected the conversion rate below 4 stars. Revolution can start from 0 and give a new opportunity.

3. The link was removed from the shelves because of infringement. Then you can try to renovate it and continue to sell after becoming a new link. This saves the cost of moving the position.

4. Listing was removed from the shelves for various reasons, and then the FBA still had inventory. In order to save warehouse fees, renovate Listing to another SKU.

Step of renovation listing

Step 1: backup information

Use Word documents, backup old links, pictures and text content in the background edit Listing requires backup.

Step 2: Delete the old listing

Inventory-Management Inventory-Find the Old Link A to renovate, and then click to delete. It is best to delete it with a form and wait for 24 hours before operating.

With the new UPC and the original FBA SKU new product, new Listing, new ASIN, title, description, and pictures are the same.

After deleting the link for 24 hours, follow the old listing category node.

Inventory-Added Products-I want to add new products that have not been sold on Amazon-search and select the category node that is consistent with link A-new link B. Fill in the must -fill item to get the new link B, there is asin (b), SKU (b) information

Step4: Use the old SKU and sell new listing to merge the two old and new ASIN

Directory-Added Products-Enter Asin (B) in the search box, click Search and sell asin (b), and enter the listing information interface after sale. SKU writes SKU (A), that is, the link with the selling is asin (b), SKU (a), and fill in the backup content.

Step5: Turn to FBA delivery

Asin (b), SKU (a) link (link link to selling) is converted to FBA delivery.

Step6: Open Case merged, retain new ASIN, remove the old asin

Help-Get more help to contact us-I want to open a store-or find your question in the menu-Amazon Logistics-Investigate other Amazon logistics issues-choose other Amazon logistics issues.

After the merger is successful, open CASE to contact the customer service and say that the two products have been merged. There is still inventory under the old asin. You need to move the inventory to the new ASin. After the customer service replies, it is said that the new ASIN has been detected. The inventory is told us to turn the self -delivery to FBA. After the operation steps are successfully converted into FBA, the inventory will automatically under the new listing. At this time, the new listing is: the new ASIN, the old FBA SKU, the same FBA tag Comments are shared.

The above is the operation tutorial on how to refurbish Listing. I hope the seller will optimize as needed, so that Listing will get attention and purchasing power again!

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